14 Awesome Hanukkah Menorahs For Pet & Animal Lovers


A menorah is a special candelabra lit for eight nights during the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, a holiday that commemorates the re-dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem. The holiday is a joyous one, so it is not surprising that there are many that celebrate our relationship with our pets and our admiration and appreciation of wild animals as well.  Here are 14 wonderfully artistic animal menorahs for children and adults.

1. Dashing Dalmation Dog Menorah

Gorgeous tuxedo'd hand-painted metal Dashing Dalmation.


Dashing Dalmation Dog MenorahDashing Dalmation Dog Menorah


2.  Dove Menorah

A symbol of peace everywhere, this exquistive Dove Menorah is handmade by Israeli-born artists s. Materials: Brass, marble, stainless steel, artist resin, Austrailian crystal, beads, and paint.  Awesome? Indeed.


 Dove of Peace Menorah: image via judaism.comDove of Peace Menorah: image via judaism.com


3.  Earthenware Hanukkah Dogs Menorah

By artist Jessica Sporn, this Earthenware Dog Menorah is so perfect for dog lovers.


Earthenware Dog MenorahEarthenware Dog Menorah


4. Yoga Dog Menorah

I don't really know if this candelabra was intended for yoga practice, but this beautifully colorful ceramic Yoga Dog Menorah, certainly could be used for such occasions.


Yoga Dog Menorah: image vie menorah.comYoga Dog Menorah: image vie menorah.com


5.  Ketzel The Cat Menorah

Lovely hand-crafted metal menorah of Ketzel The Cat, a memorial to one the world's most famous cat composers.


Ketzel The Cat MenorahKetzel The Cat Menorah


6.  Earthenware Hanukah Cats Menorah

Adorable cats - and even a mouse - adorn this handpainted Earthenware Cats Menorah!


Earthenware Cat MenorahEarthenware Cat Menorah


7.  Noah's Ark Menorah

No, they're not all here, but some really cute pairs of animals are riding the Noah's Ark Menorah.


Noah's Ark Menorah: image vie menorah.comNoah's Ark Menorah: image vie menorah.com


8.  Tree Of Life Menorah With Birds & Pomegranates

By artist Yair Emanuel, this beautiful laser-cut metal Tree of Life Menorah is full of colorful hand-painted birds and pomegranates, a joyous and whimsical work of art.


Tree Of Life Menorah With Birds and PomegranatesTree Of Life Menorah With Birds and Pomegranates


9.  Twitter Birds Hanukkah Menorah

Artist David Gersten created this more realistic sculpture of hand painted birds on laser-cut steel - a real masterpiece: Twitter Birds Menorah.


Twitter Birds Hanukkah MenorahTwitter Birds Hanukkah Menorah


10.  Exotic Birds Travel Menorah

Another Yair Emanuel menorah, this one in brightly painted wood, the clever Exotic Birds Travel Menorah is elegantly compact.


Exotic Birds Travel MenorahExotic Birds Travel Menorah


Exotic Birds Travel Menorah (closed)Exotic Birds Travel Menorah (closed)


11. Cat and Fish Menorah

What a lovely whimsical metal sculpture by artists Don Gidley and Sue Parke! The Cat and Fish Menorah is sure to please adult and child alike.


Cat and Fish Menorah: image via artcraftonline.comCat and Fish Menorah: image via artcraftonline.com


12.  Stained Glass Cats Menorah

One of the most celebrated stained glass artists of Jewish artifacts and ornaments, Susan Fullenbaum created this perfect Stained Glass Cats Menorah reminiscent of cats perched on a fence.


Stained Glass Cats Menorah: image vie menorah.comStained Glass Cats Menorah: image vie menorah.com


13. Cast Aluminum Deer Menorah

A very sleek, modern look brings wildlife into your home with this Cast Aluminum Deer Menorah.


Deer Menorah: image vie menorah.comDeer Menorah: image vie menorah.com

14.  Elephant Menorah

What an adorable set of separate hand-painted elephants attached by their trunks - the Elephant Menorah is designed by Michael Ende, handmade in Israel, and is perfect for baby or toddler's first menorah!


Elephant Menorah: image via menorah.comElephant Menorah: image via menorah.com


Enjoy your holiday and buy dripless candles for safety and for the preservation of your menorah.

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