15 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Are Sheer Genius

Halloween is fast approaching. All the good costumes are gone from the stores. You have a costume party to attend but nothing to wear. What to do?

Take things you probably have around the house, add a little creativity and maybe some spray paint. Ta da! You'll have a fast and easy DIY Halloween costumes that borders on genius!  Here's some great ideas to inspire you:

1. Cactus

Put on some green sweats, get yourself some plastic straws and sew them or pin them to your sweat and you got yourself a cactus. It is clever, right? If you don't have a green hoodie already, you can pick up a nice one you can wear again here or pick up the cheap one here. You can find a large selection of green sweat pants here. (Much better than this cactus costume sold online and you can wear the sweats again.)

Cactus CostumeCactus Costume
Source: ?

2. Dirty Laundry

  Pin pieces of clothing to yourself, grab a laundry basket and go as dirty laundry.

Dirty Laundry CostumeDirty Laundry Costume

 Source: Goodwill

3.  Mother Nature

  Glue old fake flowers onto a brown or green shirt and pants or on a dress and become Mother Nature.

Mother NatureMother Nature

 Source: Examiner

4.   Gumballs

Blow up balloons, pin the tails onto your clothes and go as gumballs.


 Source: Examiner

5.   Paper For Recyling

 Hot glue wadded up newspapers over old clothes and go as paper for recycling. (Gary Harvey is an artist that makes stunning dresses from garbage, you can look and be inspired here.)

Recycling PaperRecycling Paper

 Source: Examiner

6. Umbrella Bat

 Black clothing and a broken black umbrella make for an easy and great last minute bat costume.  Surely, you have a black umbrella in your home but if you don't or don't want to rip it apart, here's a cheap one for less than $10. Dollar stores also usually have very cheap umbrellas.  (You can then match this adorable baby bat costume.)

Umbrella for wings Bat CostumeUmbrella for wings Bat Costume

Umbrella Bat CostumeUmbrella Bat Costume

 Source: Henry Happened and InventorSpot

7.  Rock, Paper Scissors

  Hot glue small rocks and bright-colored Post-it notes on a T-shirt. Include a pair of plastic safety scissors. You are Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Rock, Paper, ScissorsRock, Paper, Scissors

  Source: Henry Happened

8. Roy Lichenstein Character

Roy Lichenstein Character CostumeRoy Lichenstein Character Costume

Art "Oh Jeff ...I love you too, but"Art "Oh Jeff ...I love you too, but"

Source: HahaMag

Whoever first came up with this idea was brilliant. If you're not familiar with him, Roy Lichenstein was a very famous pop artist. He created fun and funny pop art inspired by comic strips that are not iconic.  One of his most famous was "Oh Jeff..."  In creating your last minute version of this costume, you may want to check out the terrific tutorial here at HaHaMag. Getting this detailed may be a bit much for a lst minute costume, but you can use it for inspiration to quickly dot your face and clothes and paste a balloon sign on you and voila, you are a work of art come to life. If you have a little bit of time, order a quick pop art wig to make things really easy. There are many variations of his comic strip art so go search for something that looks easy and have fun with dots.


 Solo cups will transform you into a Lego:  Paint a box and cut holes for your head and arms, then glue the cups to the front. Write "LEGO" on the cups.


Source: Buzzfeed


Use green, purple or red balloons pinned to your clothes. You are grapes. Be prepared to fight off people wanting to pop your costume.


Source: Buzzfeed

11. Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey CostumeFifty Shades Of Grey Costume

Source:  MarcDevigne on Instagram

For all you paint chip collectors out there, here's a super easy and clever costume. Just wear a greay t-shirt, slap some grey paint chips on it and tah -dah you're fifty shades of grey. You can always add a sexy tie or some other sexy accessories to complete the look. For those of you who don't know where to get the paint chips, they are free at Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart in the paint section. 

12.    Grumpy Cat: 

Buy some cheap cat ears at the drug store or online here for less than $10. Put on makeup with the correct beige-to-brown ratio, sport a permanent scowl and you'll have Grumpy Cat’s signature look.

Grumpy CatGrumpy Cat

 Source: The Official Guide to Spring Break

13.   God's Gift To Women. 

Wrap yourself in wrapping paper with a tag: "To Women, From God." You are God's gift to women.

God's Gift to WomenGod's Gift to Women

 Source: Halloween.com

14.  Sugar-Daddy or Sugar-Momma

  Glue sugar-cubes all over yourself. If you have a baby doll carry it. If you want to go all out make some gold colored dollar signs to pin to your clothes or just grab some fun gold dollar sign novelties like sunglasses or huge necklaces online here or from the dollar store. Go to the party as Sugar-Daddy or Sugar-Momma.

Sugar DaddySugar Daddy

 Source: Halloween.com

15. Static Cling

 Pin some dryer sheets, socks and hand towels to your shirt. You are static cling.

Static ClingStatic Cling

 Source: Halloween.com

UPDATE: After I finished and published this article on 15 costumes, I found more great DIY costumes, so I am adding them to my list as I think they are so easy and clever.

16.  Cereal Killer

  Pin miniature cereal boxes to a sweatshirt. Stab through them with plastic knives. You are a cereal killer (get it? serial killer).

Cereal Killer CostumeCereal Killer Costume
 Source: Halloween.com

17. Babe Magnet

Take a black t shirt and tape on it several barbie dolls and you can be a Babe Magnet.

Babe Magnet CostumeBabe Magnet Costume

Source: Goodwill

18. Crazy Cat Lady

 Mess up your hair and put in some curlers, put on a bathrobe and pin on some stuffed cats and you can be Crazy Cat Lady.  Old glasses would also be a nice touch. If you don't have toy cats around, you can buy some cute stuffed cats  here and then give them away as presents for the holidays.

Crazy Cat Lady CostumeCrazy Cat Lady Costume

Source: ThatsTangly

With these ideas, you should have several funny Halloween costumes ready to go!  What is your best last minute costume plan?

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Originally published Oct 2013 and updated Oct 2015.

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Oct 21, 2013
by Anonymous

That is me in cactus

That is me in cactus costume! I made that in 2005 and it has been worn by a different friend of mine ever year since then. I also have had about 5 people contact me asking how to make it. It is a very popular costume! The spikes are made from pip cleaners and attached using hot glue.

Oct 25, 2013
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

For the cactus costune, we

For the cactus costune, we could not find the source of the original image. Please send us a link and we will link to it if you like. Your costume is brilliant!


InventorSpot.com Team

Oct 25, 2013
by Holly Cochran
Holly Cochran's picture

 Definitely send me

 Definitely send me information! I would love to attribute the photo and idea correctly! 

Holly Cochran,  Clever Chick

Oct 26, 2013
by Anonymous

That costume is dumb. What

That costume is dumb. What are you guys talking about? Not even close to a clever idea..hahaha I'm just laughing out loud about this.