15 Minutes Of Play With PULSE Kinetic Jump Rope Produces Hours Of Light

Pulse Kinetic Jump RopePulse Kinetic Jump Rope

The people at Uncharted Play like to integrate play with problem solving--more specifically bringing energy generating products to those off the grid. The PULSE Kinetic Jump Rope is one of those energy generating products. Just 15 minutes of play with the PULSE could mean hours of light or a 50% cell phone charge.

Pulse Jump RopePulse Jump Rope

The PULSE comes with a power adapter that is plugged into the handles, which house its generators. The generators harness energy from the turning rope as you play and then you plug in your adapter and charge your devices. PULSE is ideal for those off the grid, power outages, camping trips and any sort of travel in which you may not have access to an energy source. 

As I mentioned, the people at Uncharted Play like to integrate play with energy solutions. As with the SOCCKET Soccer Ball (check out my previous blog on SOCCKET for more information), their aim is to use the proceeds from PULSE purchases to distribute the product to children in areas that have little access to electricity. In purchasing a PULSE, you would not only get a unique product, you would be helping someone less fortunate. For more information on the PULSE and Uncharted Play, you can check out their site