15 Weird Baby Product Trends That Are Actually Brilliant

When it comes to baby and children's products almost anything goes.  While many of the items in this list might have you shaking your head, they're actually cherished by many parents.  Here are 15 weird yet trendy baby products that are actually brilliant.

1. Fridet The Butt Washer

I'm going to start this article off with a splash with the Fridet Portable Bidet.  Made for toddlers who are potty training, the fridet ensures cleaner bums until kids learn how to wipe properly.  The fridet uses water so you don't have to worry about any chemicals irritating your little one's tush.

2. Nose Frida


Nose Frida is a booger suction device that, put simply, is used like a straw.  I know what you're probably thinking but you can rest assured that no boogers or bacteria will be ingested by using the nose frida thanks to a filter.  Developed by doctors, nose frida is recommended for stuffy noses by doctors more than traditional bulbs because the tube used goes against the nostril and not inside, avoiding any damage to the delicate tissue.


3. Pee & Poo Plushies

Potty training can be a daunting task for both kids and parents.  Meant to be equal parts fun and educational, these pee and poo plushies can make potty training not seem so scary.

4. Milkies Milk-Savers


Here's a little something for the breastfeeding mommas out there.  Breastfeeding can be trying for several reasons and every drop is like liquid gold.  Milkies milk savers are BFA free, washable inserts that can be placed inside of a bra to capture milk that leaks out of the non-nursing breast while breastfeeding.  Genius.

5. Kids urinal


Give the little boy in your life something to look forward to in the potty with this adorable, colorful, and practical urinal made by Joy Baby. This even has an added bonus by having a spinner that makes aiming fun for kids.

6. 2 Red Hens Bibby mat


This bibby mat by 2 Red Hens also serves as a food mat, taking the mess out of snack and meal time by catching any food that would normally fall on the floor.

7. Windi


Many babies suffer from a painful amount of excess gas.  Instead of giving them medication, windi provides instant relief.  Windi is a hollow tube that is gently inserted into the rectum just enough to get past the strong muscles that can prevent gas from escaping.

8. Noggle

Many automobiles aren't equipped with air conditioning or heating for the backseat.  This can be a huge concern when it comes to little bodies who are more sensitive to temperature.  Noggle solves this problem by feeding air from the front to the back.  Noggle comes in several colors and patterns, and comes in two sizes, 6 or 8 feet.  Noggle requires no tools and has adaptors to fit either square or circular vents.  Another handy feature are loops along the cover that allow you to attach it where you'd like such as a headrest.


10. Zoli Reflectoids

Besides being cute, these Zoli reflectoid keychains, which are available in different characters, offer safety by reflecting light that is shined on them which aids in visibility.

11. Portable potties


Tiny bladders mean frequent trips to the toilet, but sometimes we find ourselves in a place or situation where there are no toilets nearby.  When you gotta go, you gotta go, and with these adorable, portable, and compact potties, you can go wherever, whenever in style.

12. Head hugger


This one might look funny but is a huge hit with parents.  Kids plus car rides equal sleep almost every time and oftentimes a child's head falls to the side which can put a strain on their neck.  The head hugger wraps around the car seat and sits comfortably on the child's forehead to keep sleepy heads from wobbling around.  Besides being extremely clever, these are available in several patterns.

13. Magnetic Onesies


Magnificent Baby onesies truly are magnificent.  By replacing traditional zippers and snaps with magnets, it's much easier to dress and undress baby, less noisy (in case they're asleep) but just as secure.

14. Baby Shusher


Getting a baby to sleep and keeping them asleep can seem impossible.  Finally get some shut-eye with the raved about Baby Shusher.  Dubbed the "sleep miracle for babies" and gaining rave reviews, this product makes a soothing shushing sound.  Simple but apparently highly effective.

15. Tortle Repositioning Beanie


Made to prevent and/or treat Flat Head Syndrome which is caused when a baby's head stays in one position for too long, the new and improved Tortle Repositioning Beanie offers a comfortable and practial solution for Flat Head Syndrome by encouraging head movement.

 And there you have it, fellow caregivers for tiny humans.  15 shiny, new, and weirdly amazing baby products to add to your registry or wish list.


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