The 150mpg Loremo (Low Resistance Mobile)

Diesel has been very popular in the news for the a while now, and for a good reason. We are still beginning to realize the benefit and abilities of these potent motors and the Loremo, (Low Resistance Mobile) is just another reason for us to take a closer look.

The German Loremo AG was originally introduced about 2 years ago at the Geneva Auto Show. SInce then , there has been a respectable amount of attention thrown to the start-up company.

The designers started with a 2 cylinder turbo-diesel engine and built the vehicle around it. They made the body sleek and aerodynamic to reduce drag and increase efficiency. The Loramo is also constructed with a very lightweight body. The ultimate outcome is a 4 passenger vehicle that is fun to drive and gets over 150 miles for every gallon of diesel fuel. Which is roughly enough to drive from New York City to Los Angeles and only having to stop 3 times along the way with some left over at the end.

Loremo plans to enter the vehicle into mass production next year and the price is set right in the $23,000 range. Although the car is meant to look sporty, it takes about 16 seconds to get 60mph and has a top speed of about 100mph. There will be a GT version available for a slightly higher price which will go to 60mph in about 10 seconds and will go about 40mph faster. Loremo however believes the amazing efficiency will bring many buyers in despite the not so sporty performance. Either way they have my attention.

From : I4U News , MSN

George Delozier
Automotive Innovations