The 30 Best Gadgets and Gizmos for 2008 - The 2008 CES Innovation Award Winners - Part I

8. CES Award Category: Enabling Technologies: SanDisk Vaulter Disk

SanDisk vaulter diskSanDisk vaulter disk
The SanDisk Vaulter Disk is a flash-based mini PCIe module that connects to a PC's PCI Express interface inside the computer. Basically what it does is speed up the computer by helping to manage storage more efficiently. SanDisk claims that the Vaulter Disk will "boost overall user responsiveness while enabling users to enjoy high disk capacity at a low cost per gigabyte." I personally don't understand all of this computer jargon, but I do like the fact this product can help speed up my computer.

9.CES Award Category: Enabling Technologies: SiBEAM WirelessHD Semiconductor System

SiBEAM Wireless HD SemiconductorSiBEAM Wireless HD Semiconductor
This technology from SiBEAM involves streaming uncompressed high definition audio, video, and data wirelessly. This technology is designed for electronics manufacturers who make use of wireless data streaming in HD format such as in camcorders, televisions, or computers. This is the wave of the future.

10. CES AWard Category: Furniture:
Sentry Safe Fire/Water resistant Data Storage Safe

Sentry SafeSentry Safe
Much like the water/fire resistant hard drive from Sentry Safe , their innovative safes provide protection from the elements and provide a safe place to keep your most cherished items. What makes this safe so special is that it is the world's first fire/water resistant safe that also provides USB powered connectivity to backup sensitive data from a computer.

11. CES Award Category: Headphones:
Motorola MOTOROKR S9

MOTOROKR Bluetooth earphonesMOTOROKR Bluetooth earphones
The MOTOROKR S9 headphones are extremely innovative behind-the-head style headphones. These headphones are wireless, and they work in conjunction with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones or iPods. With these headphones you can switch from music to a phone call with the push of a button.

12. CES Award Category: Healthcare:
Oticon Epoq

Oticon EpoqOticon Epoq
The Oticon Epoq is the world's first hearing aid designed with wireless connectivity at the core of its design. This hearing aid utilizes new sound processing technology that is supposed to increase sound quality. Also, Epoq uses Bluetooth technology to be able to connect to things like cell phones or MP3 players without using any wires. Simply put - this ain't like your Grandpa's hearing aid!

13. CES Award Category: High Performance Audio: KEF Muon Loudspeakers

KEF Muon LoudspeakersKEF Muon Loudspeakers
The KEF Muon Loudspeaker is an ultra-exclusive loudspeaker that will not be easy to get your hands on considering production will be limited to 100 pair worldwide. These speakers are more of an art piece than a speaker. They are made of formed aluminum which is a long process - taking about a week or so to produce one speaker housing. The final result is stunning, though, with the Muon loudspeaker sporting sexy curves and sleek appearance.

14. CES Award Category: Home Appliances:
iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot

iRobot Gutter Cleaner hard at workiRobot Gutter Cleaner hard at work
For anyone that has ever had to climb up to a home's gutters and clean them out, you know how disgusting of a job it can be. iRobot has found a solution to this problem with the new iRobot Looj. This robot will clean a home's gutter system without you ever having to get your hands dirty. iRobot claims that the Looj will clean a 60 ft. gutter section in about 10 minutes. Not bad! (Buy here )

15. CES Award Category: Home Theater Speakers: Sunfire SubRosa Subwoofers

Sunfire SubRosa SubwoofersSunfire SubRosa Subwoofers
These new subwoofers from Sunfire feature an extremely innovative new technology called StillBass technology. This technology works to provide great sounding bass while at the same time minimizing the amount of cabinet vibration. This greatly reduces the amount of "rattle" noise due to the subwoofer shaking the cabinet. This new technology is definitely welcomed in the SubRosa series, because they can handle bone-jarring power of up to 2700 watts. So while your ears may ring a bit after watching a movie, at least your cabinet won't shake as much!

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Source: CES

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