15 Best Businesses Of 2009 For Women And Moms (Part One)

In 2009, a number of businesses were spotted that had services designed specifically with women and moms in mind. Sure, some of them might be sexist, some of them might be practical, and some of them might be completely strange, but they are what they are and they make up 2009's 15 best businesses for women and moms. Stay tuned for part two! (Update: Part Two is here.)

#15 Best Business for Women and Moms - Rent-A-Womb


The Rent-A -Womb business is a controversial one; actually called Surrogacy Abroad, this is an organization that connects women desperate for a baby, but unable to carry their own with womb space. Surrogacy Abroad works with women in India who are looking to advance their livelihood by offering their baby carrying services for 9 months at a time. It's an interesting concept whether you feel it's great or completely insane; or if you believe it might improve lives or ruin them.

#14 Best Business for Women and Moms - Porn for New Moms

Porn for New MomsPorn for New Moms 

Porn for New Moms was a book released in 2009 that followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, Porn for Women. Porn for New Moms is a book designed to turn women on simply through meeting the very desires that they have in the early stages of having a new baby in their home. The sexiest things their men can do involve pitching in and bonding with the new little one, and those are exactly the scenarios that Porn for New Moms depicts. (Buy it here.)

#13 Best Business for Women and Moms - I'm a Mrs

I'm a MrsI'm a Mrs

It's still tradition that women take on their husband's names following marriage should they choose to (though men don't tend to take on the name of their wives). It's not an easy process with so much paperwork to process a name change on legal documentation, but I'm a Mrs is a service that helps newlywed women do a lot of the legwork so they can be that much closer to taking on the name of their choosing.

#12  Best Business for Women and Moms - Poster Bride

Poster BridePoster Bride

Wedding planning isn't just for women, although there is a reason that the term "bridezilla" has been coined. Poster Bride offers artistic design services to couples who want to announce their weddings in unique ways - by having a movie-style poster created that's classy, elegant, and memorable.

#11 Best Business for Women and Moms - Crowd Sprout

Crowd SproutCrowd Sprout

Bulk discounts are typically only reserved to big box stores, but now Crowd Sprout is extending that same courtesy to mommy shoppers. By banding together to request the same product at their online market, shoppers can receive discounts that make shopping for children's goods more affordable. Every parent knows just how important saving a few bucks can be for the prosperity of a family.

#10 Best Business for Women and Moms - Go Home Gorgeous

Go Home GorgeousGo Home Gorgeous

Any woman who has given birth knows it's not a walk in the park. Sure, having a baby can be one of the most miraculous, life changing experiences; but it can also leave some women feeling anything but beautiful. Go Home Gorgeous offers in-hospital pampering services for new moms so they can go home feeling a little bit more like themselves, relaxed, and ready to start their new role of night feedings and diaper changings.

#9 Best Business for Women and Moms - GooGoo Gram

GooGoo GramGooGoo Gram

After the birth of a new baby, you want to stand on the soapbox and announce to the world that you've got a new little bundle of joys. But most moms find themselves swamped with new responsibilities and just don't have the time and energy to call everyone under the sun. GooGoo Gram allows new parents to create voice announcements which are sent to their contacts automatically until they have the chance to make that personal call. That way, no one is left out from sharing in the joy!

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