15 Best Businesses Of 2009 For Women And Moms (Part Two)

In 2009, a number of businesses were spotted that had services designed specifically with women and moms in mind. Sure, some of them might be sexist, some of them might be practical, and some of them might be completely strange, but they are what they are and they make up 2009's 15 best businesses for women and moms. This is part two! You can read Part I here.

#8 Best Business for Women and Moms - Bride Survival Kits

Bridal Emergency KitsBridal Emergency Kits

Bridal emergency kits are essential, especially for those high-maintenance brides that are likely to panic the second even the slightest thing goes array on their wedding day. The bridal survival kits made by Wedding Emergency Survival Kits come in pretty purses and can help brides deal with any unexpected circumstances with safety pins, double stick tape and stain remover (and more!!).

#7 Best Business for Women and Moms -  Shelia's Wheels

Shelia's WheelsShelia's Wheels

Car insurance exclusively for women is offered by this UK company. Their services might be stereotypical in many ways, though does offer lower rates for safe female drivers and coverage for purse theft. Some of their insurance rates may be competitive, with good services for women who can get past the pink website theme and images of Stepford Wives.

#6 Best Business for Women and Moms - Pink Ladies

Pink Ladies TaxiPink Ladies Taxi

This UK taxi service for women was the first of its kind, but businesses that have followed a similar model have begun to pop up throughout the year! Pink Ladies uses bubblegum pink taxis, and to ensure that women travel safely, they send a text message upon arrival and drivers are trained in self-defense so that safety for women is a priority.

#5 Best Business for Women and Moms - Luna

Luna Food DeliveryLuna Food Delivery

Meal delivery programs are all the rage, and pregnant and nursing women in particular have a lot on their plate and a lot to think about. Luna delivers healthy, organic meals that focus on the specific needs of women before and after childbirth!

#4 Best Business for Women and Moms - Go Girl

Go GirlGo Girl

Go Girl lets women pee like a man. It's like a transportable penis so they can pee on the go without the need to squat. It's a little funny, but also an item that has caught the attention of so many women who love the product! (Buy here.)

#3 Best Business for Women and Moms - Taiwan's Hello Kitty Hospital

Hello Kitty HospitalHello Kitty Hospital

What better place for a woman to give birth than a Hello Kitty themed hospital? It's a fun place to have a baby with an inviting atmosphere. Plus newborn babies are welcomed to the Hello Kitty family with their own whiskers and adorable receiving blankets.

#2 Best Business for Women and Moms - Cosmetic Expiration Stickers


You might not be a woman who knows that your cosmetics will expire, but the reality is that they do. What busy mom or woman can possibly remember when they opened that bottle of mascara or face lotion? Any business that offers organization to the busy woman is a winner, and Beauty Alert is no exception to this rule with expiration stickers that can be applied as reminders.

#1 Best Business for Women and Moms - 2LoveMyLips


Who knew that one company could offer a great cosmetic and protection for women? Love2MyLips accomplishes both with a line of lip plumping gloss that also comes with a GHB testing kit for drinks to ensure no women are drugged on a night out looking sexy!

(Make sure to check out Part I here if you haven't already seen it.


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