12 Jaw-Dropping Lighting Designs Inspired By Sealife: Aqua Creations

Many interior designers are getting their inspirations from the sea these days, but Ayala Serfaty appears to have been a sea creature in a past life. She and her photographer-husband, Albi Serfaty, opened their design studio, Aqua Creations, in 1994 to bring Ayala's inspirations to "light" on land.

Here are just 12 of Aqua Creations lighting designs, just a sample of the inspirations that come bubbling up from the sea of Ms. Serfaty's imagination. Most of the lamp coverings are made of a specially-treated crushed silk that is resistant to mold and fire. The silk is laid over a metal sculpture that shapes the overall design. All lamps are available in cream, smoke, sky, grass, dark, flame, gold, red, and orange. Aqua Creations has specific suggestions for bulbs that show individual lamps at their best!

1. Sahara Floor or Table Lamp

What romance could develop next to this beauty! Lovely soft glow... A nice large lamp, 64" by 50" by 11".



2. Viola Floor or Table Lamp

This lovely is 30" xby 30" by 8". Ah!



3. Starlight 220 Wall or Ceiling Lamp

Nice and wide at 87".



4. Horn Floor Lamp

Aren't these horn lamps lovely? I would love one in every color! The Horn Lamp is 63" tall. (Do you know that the horns of sheep, elk, deer, and other animals are still being used by many companies to make lamps? )

Here, a Horn Floor Lamp is shown with another of Aqua Creations' designs, the Anana pouf!


5. Blondie Wee Wall Lamp

Blondie Wee's base is an assortment of hand-blown clear glass drops. They are covered with Aqua Creations' crushed silk fabric. Size is 10" by 8" by 8".


6. Maestro Floor Lamp

Awesome! And 82" grand inches high!


7. Chili Pendant Ceiling Lamp

Shown in "flame" and in triplicate, the Chili Pendants look hot! Though hanging from the ceiling as shown, Aqua Creations states that it can also be hung as a wall lamp.



8. Morning Glory Floor Lamp

Nearly a foot taller than the Horn Floor Lamp, shown above, this glory is all in the design. Here shown in cream (with the Anana benches)...



9. Sunsa Chandelier

This huge chandelier needs a ballroom to light up. Each of the 21 fixtures in the Sunsa are 24" or 30" in diameter, and there are 4 layers of shades. "Weight bearing installation is necessary," warns the copy. Exquisite, here in cream....

10. Liana-D Ceiling or Wall Lamp

The Liana-D may be a better fit for your living room or dining area than the Sunsa. The scrumptious Liana-D is 72" by 24" by 16". The lovely lady has a few sisters on view also, at Decorati.com.


11. SameSame Shelf Lamps

I'd love to have these large shrimp hanging from everywhere in my home. Yeow! The copy says that SameSame is "suitable for shelves up ro 2" (or 6 cm) thick. Dimensions are 30" by 20" by 7".


12. Please Don't Go Table or Floor Lamp

Aww... A jellyfish with a sentimental soul. If you are considering taking him, he's 30" by 16".



I don't want to go myself, because there are so many more illuminating sea inspirations by Aqua Creations I could show you, but you can visit more and purchase them all at Decorati.com.

Photo Credits: Albi Serfaty