15 Absolutely Brilliant Billboard Ads ...Really

6. Benjamin Moore Paints

Source: Jon Lee

7. Ford Mustang

These billboards aren’t painted, they're actually created using a special type of semi-transparent material that blurs the scene behind it to make it look like you’re moving really fast, regardless of weather.

Source: Dieinter.net

8. Max Factor Mascara

Nice little billboard that will change once it rains to give the effect that the mascara is leaking.

Source: Ad Blog Arabia

9. Nike

An interactive billboard in which passersby can walk or run on the enclosed treadmill. For every kilometer run, Nike will donate a certain amount to UNICEF.

Source: Say no to crack

10. Penline Tape

Source: billboardom

Sep 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

the moore paint is just

the moore paint is just brillant.

 and i like very much also the nike treadmill, it's the only one truly interactive, cleverly using passing-by people for free to promote the brand, how smart !

Sep 12, 2007
by tavlao (not verified)


nice good

Sep 14, 2007
by Firehat (not verified)

Ford Mustand Billboards are BOGUS

They're both the same Photoshopped billboard. and where's the scaffold behind the billboard holding them up? Invisible? Besides, that's an awfully small billboard in the desert and awfully low to the ground.

Sep 21, 2007
by olifier (not verified)


That's a large billboard!. Is it still standing overthere?

Oct 24, 2007
by IAN Flanigan (not verified)

those were just student

those were just student work. i saw them elsewhere.

Feb 7, 2008
by olifier (not verified)


Very nice. Have some more pictures/billboards yet?

Dec 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Moore Paint

The Moore paint is my favorite, so very creative.