13 Strange and Bizarre Gifts For The Weirdos In Your Life

Know someone hard to shop for? Are you sick of looking for something they'll actually like? Why not try something sure to confuse them instead? These strange goodies will be great ways to throw off the preconcieved gift ideas people already expect from you.

Weird Gift 1:
Squirrel Feet Earrings

Know someone completely morbid? Maybe someone who hates rodents? Well, I'm sure there's someone on yourlist who would like genuine, freeze-dried squirrel feet earings. Please don't ask me where they get the feet, I sincerely don't want to know. Of course, if you do buy these for someone, you might want to make sure you don't spend too much time with them afterwards. After all, buying earrings for someone doesn't mean you ever want to be seen with the person wearing them. (Update: This Etsy item is no longer available.)

Weird Gift 2:
Fetus Cookie Cutter

Who doesn't love eating fetuses? Oh yeah, pretty much everybody. But for the handful of weirdos who love them, be it weird punk rockers or pro-life fanatics, this fetus cookie cutter is just what the clinic doctor ordered. It's only $10, making it the perfect price for any total weirdo in your life.


Weird Gift 3:
LED Xmas Tree or Menorah

Here's a great way to merge old Christmas traditions with modern day technology. Just pop a battery into this cute little LED Christmas tree and watch the motherboard light up its lovely flashing LED lights. It may be a little small to put presents under, but with the recession this year, that may be all the space you need. The LED Menorah is also pretty cool.

Weird Gift 4:
LED Car Sign

If you ever wanted to tell the driver behind you something, you probably can find a use for the LED Car Emoticon Sign.  Thie remote controlled car sign can offer the driver behind you one of sixteen words or emnoticons. Although this sign doesn't offer the words I would choose to express most often, it does a nice job in giving them a hint of what you are thinking.

Weird Gift 5:
Self-stirring Mug

Why worry about spoons and swizzle sticks when you can have a mug that does all the work for you? At the push of a button, your sugar, cream, booze and any other additions to your coffee can be blended in with this great Self-stirring Mug. These are great for exceptionally lazy geeks, women with fused-wrists, spoon-phobic men and all kinds of other strange niches of people you probably don't really have in your life.


Weird Gift 6:
Gun Alarm Clock

If you love Duck Hunt, or know someone else who does, you'll appreciate this sweet gun alarm clock. It's definitely an effective way to wake up, just shoot the target to get the alarm to stop ringing. Besides the whole wake-up factor, it's just really fun to play shoot things. (Buy here)

Weird Gift 7:
Radio Controlled Tarantula


Little boys love two things, toys that scare or annoy their sister and gross things. Why not give them an all in one gift combining the two joys for them? A radio-controlled tarantula is just the thing for scaring siblings and exploring just how fun huge spiders can be. (Buy here)

Weird Gift 8:
Decapitated Teddy Bear Lamp

I gotta admit, this is probably the only thing on this list I actually would want. This teddy bear lamp is cuddly and functional and it would match my decapitated bear USB drive. Now that's some awesome style. He certainly would light up my life -and yes, that pun was intended. (Buy here.)

Weird Gift 9:
Kids Tattoo Maker:

Do your kids love tattoos? Do they think needles are fun? Then they're sure to love this GR8 TaT2 Maker toy that will train them for their future jobs requiring no education or real life experience. Not that tattoos or tattoo artist are a bad thing, not by any means, but is this really something you need to get your kids into early?

Weird Gift 10:
Knitted Frog Dissection:

If you love biology, but hated all those dead little animals, you'll love this cute little knitted frog. All the organs are in place for your dissecting pleasure, although I don't recommend actually removing them. You can unpin him from the background and cuddle your dead amphibian friend through, which makes him more of a lover than a science project.

Weird Gift 11:

Ever been so mad at someone that not giving them a gift seems to be an understatement? They might just think you forgot or couldn't afford to get them something. No, nothing says you intentionally left them out like the gift of nothing. Show them exactly how much they mean to you, give them the gift of nothing.

Weird Gift 12:
A Smoker's Umbrella:

No one likes to stand in the rain alone, yet smokers everywhere are constantly forced to smoke outside. So what's a smoker to do when it's raining and they just have to get their puff on? The Smoker's Umbrella is the ultimate solution for cigarette lovers who are caught in the cold. The kit comes with an ash tray attachment and an adorable cigarette-styled carrying case. (Update: The smoker's umbrella is no longer available. )

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Dec 23, 2008
by Anonymous

its "too" seriously!

It's said as too seriously, not to seriously

Dec 23, 2008
by Anonymous


I've been looking for road kill jewelry for a while now. The squirrel earings are JUST what i need.


Dec 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Enema bag

It's spelled colostomy, dumbass

Dec 23, 2008
by Anonymous


fundies and p-mate almost made me cry, thats how funny i found them.

Dec 29, 2008
by Anonymous

Good One

Good collection of gifts... and the enema bag is eukes

Dec 29, 2008
by Anonymous

The comment is only

The comment is only confusing if you're a doofus. (Note I use the correct you're as opposed to your.)

Dec 30, 2008
by Anonymous

RE:There are bags.

you're are loser if you write 4 paragraphs on there vs they’re

Dec 31, 2008
by Anonymous


Rofl. people are fun :)

Jan 1, 2009
by Anonymous

Re: ..

The "enema bags" are not used to catch the waste produced by the enema. They're used to hold the actual enema fluids while they're being placed in the patient. They hang from an IV pole about 18 inches above the patient while they're being instilled. The patient is then allowed to go to the restroom or get on a bed pan to catch the waste.

Jan 5, 2009
by Anonymous


That is, in fact, an enema bag. A "colostomy" bag is for those who (for whatever reason) cannot use their entire GI tract and the system is diverted, not through the rectum as displayed here, but often through the stomach.

Jan 16, 2009
by Anonymous

Way to much information

Way to much information dude...ewww no!

Jan 30, 2009
by Anonymous

i think a couple of the

i think a couple of the people who have commented on this board are in serious need of an enema themselves.

i really like the cigarette umbrella!!!!!! that rocks, the handle should be electrically heated too, to keep your hands warm.

Feb 1, 2009
by Anonymous

New or ...

The amazon.com link for Fundies shows them on sale for $7.89, and adds "2 used & new available from $6.95". I think I'd rather pay full price.

Feb 6, 2009
by Anonymous

re re

nice try, but there are is correct...."they're" would be they are....

Feb 23, 2009
by Anonymous


"Then they're sure to love this GR8 TaT2 Maker toy that will train them for their future jobs requiring no education or real life experience."

Most tattoo artists would throw you a blanket party for saying this.

Tattooing is one of the last standing professions where knowledge is passed on from mentor to apprentice. There's a tremendous amount of education and experience required to be a successful tattoo artist,

The industry has become more and more reputable over the years and some tattoo artists are great parents and its cute that they get their kids into tattoos.