16 Must Have Gifts For Every Part Time Mermaid

Kinda pissed you're not a mermaid? Know anyone who wishes they were a mermaid?Check out these 16 majestic mermaid products that ever part time mermaid will love more than a dinglehopper.

1. Mermaid Tail Drinking Glasses

Wanna drink from a mermaid tail? You can with these beautiful handmade glasses that have mermaid tails molded inside.

2. Mermaid Off Duty

Even mermaids need a break from being amazing every once in a while. Let people know you're taking 5 with this "mermaid off duty" sweatshirt.

3. Mermaid Fin Stockings

Be the sexy little sea damsel you always knew you could be in these mermaid fin stockings.

4. Kinda Pissed About Not Being A Mermaid


Tell 'em how you really feel with this adorable rustic wooden "kinda pissed about not being a mermaid" block sign.

5. Swim With The Mermaids Tee

When you're not doing mermaid things you can look cute wearing this swim with the mermaids t-shirt

6. Ursula's Seashell Necklace

Feel just like Ariel in The Little Mermaid when you wear this Ursula's seashell necklace.

7. Mermaid Scale Leggings


They're leggings AND they're shiny, how can you resist that combination? Flaunt your land legs with these dazzling mermaid scale leggings.

8. Starfish Bracelet

Channel your inner mermaid every day with this simple starfish bracelet that's stretchable for comfort.

9. Always Be A Mermaid Pullover


It's always good to be yourself, but if being a mermaid were a choice I'd totally choose to be a mermaid. Put this gorgeous french terry mermaid pullover on to feel instantly more mer-like.

10. Rainbow Mermaid Knife


Every mermaid needs to be able to protect herself from crazy sea witches. Might as well do it in style with this fabulous rainbow knife with beautiful rainbow scales carved into the handle and a mermaid's bust on the blade.

11. Mermaids: Myths, Legends, and Lore

Brush up on your mermaid folklore with this gorgeous book all about mermaids.

12. Cookin' Like Ariel


Keep yourself clean while making that seaweed salad in this adorable Ariel apron. Who says you have to stop playing dress up when you grow up?

13. Reasons To Be A Mermaid

As if you needed a reason to be a mermaid, here's a handy list of 5 reasons to be a mermaid on a cute coffee mug.

14. Mermaid Tail Blanket


Relax in style with this super soft, handmade, adult-sized mermaid tail blanket.

15. Working Mermaid Tail

This is as close as it gets to being a mermaid for the serious mermaid wannabe. Turn heads by slipping inside an actual mermaid tail the next time you go swimming.

16. Hypnotizing Mermaid Sequin Pillow

These sequin mermaid pillows are hypnotizing. The colors change as you rub your hand over the material. Check these ones out from the Etsy shop Mermaid Pillows.

Did this list of mermaid gear have your fins doing the happy dance? Let us know which gadgets and gizmos you liked the most and which are your favorite gift ideas?


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