$160K Gold-And-Diamond Golf Putter

Golf and money go hand in hand like...well, like rich guys and money. Or rich guys and golf. So it's not surprising that there's a golf putter that costs the same as a really nice luxury car. If anything, it's surprising that they didn't charge more for it--a lot of rich dude's take their golf seriously and would probably drop 10 x the price for this club.


The one-off 2-ball putter from Odyssey Golf boasts an 18-carat white gold head and is adorned with no less than 378 diamonds and 240 rubies. That's a whole lotta' bling for a putter. 

As you could imagine from reading that short spec sheet, it's not cheap. The official price is £100k, or about $162,000, and the putter will be sold through Harrods. 

Personally, if I ever stole received a $160,000 putter--or any kind of gold, diamond-encrusted accessory--I'd put it in a glass case where no one could touch it. But this one was actually designed to use. Nick McInally, one of the minds behind the golden putter, said: "This is one of the most striking golf clubs ever created, but it is still a putter that we hope will help the eventual owner hole more putts… if he or she is brave enough to use it." 

Just remember--if any of those diamonds or rubies fly off, they're fair game. Finders keepers. 

Today's Golfer via BornRich