7 Stupid and Funny Halloween Costume Ideas For 2010

Halloween gives us the perfect chance to be whoever we really want to be deep down inside, which is why it's such a great holiday. Whether your inner weirdo is a guido, a washed up star, or an outdated musician, you can be certain to appease that annoying freak inside you for at least one more year.

If you're looking to turn more than heads and want to turn stomachs as well, Jersey Shore costumes area good way to go. While you can purchase pre-made costume kits, all you really need are some orange markers, trashy clothing and a ton of hair spray; ladies, don't forget your Bumpits. Voila, you're ready to make the nation lose its lunch.


Speaking of oil slicks, why not lampoon the grossest polluters this side of the shore with this BP Bad Planning oil spill costume

Do you think it is it too soon to make a Patrick Swayze joke? Because if you plan to wear this costume you'd better be ready for them. Of course, if you recruit an obese friend and throw in some angel wings, you have a great reunion sketch costume.


If you like making fun of dead celebrities, but Mr. Swayze isn't your cup of tea, then why not try Rick James? You'll have plenty of great one liners all night, such as "f- your couch" and "what did the five fingers say to the face," plus that last one gives you a great excuse to slap people.

Speaking of one-time kings of the music industry, you could also go as MC Hammer, but please don't do it if you are a skinny blond guy like the idiot in the picture. He looks more like Vanilla Ice than someone who can't be touched.

For boys who want to look like overweight females, there are plenty of costumes for you to embarrass yourself, but only one that lets you look like a fat, outdated pop star. Just watch out for the Chris Crocker's of the world beg you to "leave Britney alone."

This Lindsey Lohan costume comes complete with an ankle bracelet to play the role of Miss Lohan's stylish house arrest accessory. But as long as you look like a rich cokehead with an ankle bracelet, you don't really need the rest of the costume, so save some money and just find your own fake house arrest tag. (Update: This is no longer available and it's been replaced with just her hair.)

What are you going to be for Halloween? Would you ever consider any of these?


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Oct 20, 2010
by Spencer Lanoue

costume ideas

I was thinking about being Ron Bergundy this year