17 Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts For Cupid Haters

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and soon people will be buying stuffed animals the size of houses, giant boquets of flowers, and fancy chocolates up the wazoo all in the name of love. But what about the people who absolutely detest Valentine's Day?

Here's a list of Anti-Valentine's Day gifts you can get for yourself or the cupid hating person in your life.

1. Voodoo Doll Kit

Who needs over priced stuffed animals clutching hearts? Certainly not Anti-Valentine's Day-ers. Give them something they'll actually use, like this voodoo doll kit by Mekabre that is somehow exceedingly cute.

2. People I want to Punch in the Throat Journal

This blank journal titled "People I want to Punch in the Throat" is an excellent place to scribble down all those hateful thoughts and is sure to get a laugh. Unless you're one of the people who gets jotted down in the book.

3. Better than a Boyfriend Soap

What's better than a boyfriend? Apparently this Better than a Boyfriend Soap made with white tea, rose hips, and a lot of personality. Get it here or here.

4. "Can You Not" Tee

Ward off all those doe-eyed people that approach you with this funny anti valentines day "Can you not" conversation heart tee.

5. "Go Away" Rude Conversation Heart Earrings

These conversation heart earrings may look cute but upon closer inspection, not so much. Flaunt your distaste for Valentines Day and people in general with the only pair of studs you need. Get it? You may be allergic to the general population but not these hypallergenic jewels.

6."Men Ruin Stuff" Socks

These "Men Ruin Stuff" socks are just one example of the seemingly innocent snarky gold offered by Blue Q. Tell 'em how you really feel with satisfyingly witty apparel.

7. Black Heart Makeup Bag

Take your makeup and toiletries with you everywhere with this hilarious "I Like my Eyelashes as Black as my Heart" custom makeup bag.

8. "I Hate you to the Moon and Back" Sweatshirt

Wear your little black heart on your sleeve with this "I Hate you to the Moon and Back" sweatshirt from LookHuman.com.

9. Cup of Care Coffee Mug

Take a sip out of this funny mug whenever someone tells you what they got for Valentine's Day.

10. "Nope" Pillow Cover

What better way to protest Valentine's Day than to stay inside and avoid people? Get nice and cozy with this gorgeous and simple "nope" pillow cover from Society 6.

11. Inflatable Husband

Laughter is the best medicine and you'll get a lot of it with this novelty inflatable husband. He's maintenance free, odor free, doesn't make a mess, and doesn't get the man cold, what more could you ask for?

12. Conversation Heart Necklace

Threaten bodily harm without having to utter a single word with this "I will cut you" conversation heart necklace from Snark Factory. Life's too short for pleasantries with people you don't like so why not cut to the chase?

13. Grumpy Notebooks

Organize your hatred with this set of 3 grumpy notebooks titled "Things that Annoy me," "Fresh Rants," and "Daily Disappointments."

14. Grumpy Cat Plush

People who hate Valentine's Day will make a welcome exception to the "no stuffed animals" rule for this plush toy made in the likeness of a famous face we've all grown to love, Grumpy Cat.

15. Girlfriend Pillow

Don't have anyone to cuddle with on Valentine's Day? Well you do now with the "girlfriend pillow" featuring an arm and a literal pair of fun bags.

16. Love Sucks Coffee Gift Basket

Want to give someone the motherload of Anti-Valentine's Day gifts? Then check out this awesome "Love Sucks" gift basket for coffee lovers. Included are a coffee mug, coasters, 5 bags of gourmet coffee, and a Biscotti cookie.

17. Disinfectant Spray

And last but not least, an must-have for people who hate Valentine's Day, a healthy supply of disinfectant spray to shoo away that pesky Cupid.

Happy Singles Awareness Day!


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