18 Fun And Thoughtful Gifts To Give Your Introvert

Introverts unite with these fun products that understand our awkward souls. Need help finding the introvert in your life a gift? Look no further because here is a list of fun and unique products for introverts written by an introvert.

1. Introvert notebooks


This set of three introvert notebooks are hilariously titled "don't look at me", "people to avoid," and "private thoughts." You can use them as a shield from small talk or finally write that memoir.

2. Map of an Introvert's heart tote

Because we like having all our stuff with us and totes need something to put over our heads if we believe socializing is imminent.  This tote features a scarily accurate rendition of an introvert's heart.

3. Introvert phone case

This phone case explains introverts perfectly. Phone case knows, phone case understands.

4. How to care for introverts wall decal

Knowing how to care for an introvert can be confusing sometimes. Help the people in your life help you with this how to care for introverts wall decal.

5. Introvert buttons

So we can identify other introverts, think about smiling at each other and then quickly return to avoiding eye contact.  This fashionable button captures our preferred approach to social interactions.

6. Introverts unite sticker

Just because we're introverts doesn't mean we don't enjoy stickers like everyone else.  Introverts unite with this sticker, separately, in your own homes.


7. I'm introverting coffee mug

Sure, we enjoy coffee but the fact that this coffee mug tells you how we're feeling so that we don't have to is fantastic.   

8. Introvert water bottle


Rehydrate in introvert bliss with this water bottle.


9. Introvert magnet

Hold up the invitations to all the events you won't be attending in style with this introvert magnet.


10. Introvert pillow

We love our pillows and blanket forts. Get comfortable and give others fair warning with this introvert pillow cover.

11. Statement pencils

Quiet people have the loudest minds.  We also need pencils and that's why these statement pencils are perfect.

12. Do not disturb the introvert studio pouch

This introvert pouch is great for storing your introvert pencils or other personal belongings.

13. Nope necklace

It's the dialogue that runs through our head when you ask us to do something. Say it silently and elegantly with this beautiful gold hand stamped necklace.

14. A literally awkward t-shirt

Sometimes it seems almost necessary to warn others of our awkwardness. Did I mention I own this hilarious
"I'm awkward" shirt in two colors?

15. Go away doormat


When people you don't know come to your door. The struggle is real.  Avoid unwanted visitors with this "go away" doormat.

16. Introvert candle


"Light up with a candle for introverts, a handcrafted soy candle in nonconfrontational ocean blue. And we didn’t bother scenting it. Because seriously, it’s not like anyone is coming over anyway, right?" It's like Whiskey River Co. (the makers of this candle) know me.

17. Soap for introverts

Are you loving the candle we just showed you? Then why not make it a set with your very own soap for introverts?

18. I hate everyone too socks


Deck yourself out in introvert pride gear from head to toe with these funny socks.


Introverts can feel at odds with the world sometimes so knowing that we're not alone is the best gift of all.


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