180-Degree Reclining Office Chair for Your Dream Job

Your dream job just might be the boss's nightmare, thanks to this seriously reclining office chair from Thanko. You snooze, you lose? C'mon, this chair is just full of WIN!

Available in either black leather or blue fabric, this stealthy seat combines the style and support of a standard office chair with the ultimate comfort of a cozy La-Z-Boy recliner, assuming the latter reclined enough to become fully horizontal.

Thanko seems to know their target market all too well, stating the chair is “recommended for those who stay at the company! This eliminates the need to sleep on the floor!” Japan's weary night office cleaners will be glad to hear that, as vacuuming around all those snoozing salarymen ain't easy.

The fully-reclining office chair is listed at Thanko's website for 49,800 yen (around $585) for the black leather version. The blue fabric chair goes for only 39,800 yen or about $468. Whichever chair you choose, don't even think of expensing it off... or YOU might be the one who ends up black & blue.

Jun 8, 2011
by dinni

That's quite an invention,

That's quite an invention, we could all use a chair like this, we might find out that a short sleep break during work could actually boost our productivity. I've also found an interesting resource on an ergohuman chair, it has a great design for a healthy back.