Easy And Elegant Way To Double Your Phone Battery Life: 1byone Phone Case Charger Review

Everyday, people use their phones. People text, call, play games, and listen to music. However, for most people, by the end of the day, their phones have no battery charge left. So what do you do when your phone runs out of battery? Most people don't like to carry a bulky phone chargers around with them, and if they do, they need to find a place to plug it in. So how do they continue using their phones when there is no battery left? The answer is: most people simply don't as it's just too much of a hassle to charge their phone during the day.

So is there an answer to address this common problem? How can you make sure that you always have ample phone battery left for your smart phone? Well,  there is a simple solution most people are not aware of... you can get a Battery Charger Phone Case for your phone.

If you have an iPhone, I recommend a Battery Charger Phone Case from 1byone.

I was curious about battery charger cases in general and I wanted to some out. InventorSpot contacted 1byone and I received a free sample for the Battery Charger Phone Case for the iPhone 6 to review and I really liked it.  Here's my honest and unbiased review of the Battery Charger Phone Case:

ibyone Phone Charger Caseibyone Phone Charger Case

1byone Battery Charger Phone Case - What You Get

When you receive the phone case, it comes in a standard plastic packaging. Inside of this, you will find three things: the actual phone case, a special charger, and instructions. The actual phone case is easy to install. It divides into two parts that snap together around the phone, making for a very easy installation. When you want to take off the phone case, you will need to take apart the two pieces, which are surprisingly a lot harder to take apart then to put together. For a more detailed explanation of installing the phone case, you can look at the instructions.

Now you are probably thinking, “Wait… How does this phone case help me get my phone charged? Why is the solution to my problem this simple looking case?” Well,  the phone case itself is a charger! The case has a powerful 3100mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery at the bottom of the case that effectively provides about 100% additional battery charge for your phone.

The case is a complete coverage design with a hard-shell plastic backplate. For a regular iPhone 6, the casing has a total length of 15 cm, and a total width of about 7.1 cm, adding only about 2cm to the length, and 1cm to the width. So this charger case adds relatively little bulk or additional weight  to your phone unlike many other battery charger cases  What is an important feature of the case is that it does not adversely affect the phone reception, unlike some other phone case chargers I've tried.

When using the phone case, you will need to use the special charging micoUSB cable. This is so that when you charge your phone, you can charge your phone case too at the same time! Great feature is that you can charge directly without having to remove the case on your phone. One minor issue to point out is that with the extra extension to your phone, it is harder to reach the audio plug. If you want to connect anything to your iPhone’s audio plug, you have to use a special extender to fit through the phone case. Luckily, this comes with the case in its original packaging. However, this is only for external products. The standard Apple iPhone headphones can still be used without the extender.

Personally, I think that the overall look of the case is very clean and elegant looking. I chose the gold colored version of the phone case. I thought my phone looked amazing with the case and I felt it was a great addition to my phone.

iPhone 6 Charger Case In GoldiPhone 6 Charger Case In Gold

How Does The Battery Charger Phone Case Work?

Once your phone case is all charged up, I’m sure you want to know how to charge your phone! It’s really simple. If you look at the back of the phone case, you will see a big circle power button on the bottom right. If you hold this button down, the four indicator lights will flash, and your phone will begin charging! The indicator lights will also flash when charging from a wall plug. They show you how much charge you have in your phone case. When all four lights are lit up, you have around full charge in your phone case. As the lights deplete, the amount of charge in your phone case also depletes. The packaging for this phone case says that it can effectively charge your phone for 14ish hours of talk time, or 10ish hours of web browsing.

Phone Charger DetailsPhone Charger Details

So, when I was testing out this phone, I took it everywhere. For a good two weeks, I used this phone case, and I will say, I will be using it for a lot longer than that too. During the time when testing the phone case, I went to the U.S. Open. Needless to say, I was surfing the internet for a while before the matches even started, and by the time the first tennis player walked onto the court, my phone only had 12% battery left! I didn’t know how I was going to take all the photos and videos I wanted to take. I had another 6 hours there, and 12% would barely last me half an hour. Fortunately, I remembered that I had the new phone case on. Using the charger, I was able to keep taking photos and videos for the next 6 hours. After 6 hours were over, at 1:30am, my phone was left with about 50% battery and my phone case was out of juice. This case allowed me to use my phone all day long, since 9:30am in the morning, and still end up with around 50% battery at 1:30am the next day, not using a wall charger at all through the day. The charger case had saved the day for me!

Phone Charger Case by ibyonePhone Charger Case by ibyone

Overall Impressions And Recommendations

I can’t really say many bad things about this phone charger. However, every product has it’s flaws. For me, since I drop my phone so much, the top part of the case will occasionally pop off on impact when I drop it. This sometimes allows my actual iPhone to get some scratches, but overall, I found that the phone will not get scratched anywhere visible if you keep your case on. Additionally, the phone case itself get scratches easily, so it would be great if it was made of a more durable material. Unless tiny little scratches on your case will bug you, the minor scuffing on the case due to normal wear and tear should not be much of a problem.

Like any phone case, this case will add a little bit of bulk and weight to your phone. I thought 1byone did a good job of coming up with a sleek slim design for the case.

Besides that, I think this case is really a good buy. As a charger itself, it has saved me many  times during my two week  testing period. It helps me on a regular basis, because my phone battery is usually gone by around 4:00pm. With this case, my battery is full at 4:00pm. I also really like the fact that when you push the button to charge, it doesn’t charge instantly (automatically start charging). So if you happen to push the button by accident, it won’t waste your case battery. If you want to charge your phone, you have to hold the button for about 2 seconds.

Overall, I really like this phone case, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a little extra charge for their phone throughout the day. And since the case looks so good, I'd even recommend it for someone just looking for a stylish, functional phone case. Great thing about this case is that you get both... useful functionality in a very stylish form. You can buy a 1byone Charger Phone Case here.


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