21 Best and Easiest DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids This Year

Are you tired of fighting the crowds for the dregs of kid’s Halloween costumes? Frustrated with the quality of the costumes available? Here are 21 quick, cheap and easy options for costumes that you can make at home. Your kids will look adorable, and you will save lots of time, money and hassle by making the costumes at home. Make a quick run to the thrift store and the Dollar Store for odds and ends, and you will be set to be the most creative parent in the neighborhood.

1.  Spaghetti and Meatballs

 Spagetti and MeatballsSpagetti and Meatballs


Create a fun and cute costume using just a hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, thick cream colored yarn like this, a plastic bin from the dollar store,  some Styrofoam balls like these, spray paint and hot glue. Cover the sweatpants and sweatshirt with white or cream colored yarn using the hot glue. Spray paint syrofoam balls meatball-color and add them to the mix. The costume will also keep a little one warm on a cool Halloween night. 

2. Mr. T Costume

 Mr. TMr. T

Image: randomtuesdays

A brown ski mask like this one with fake mustache, beard and Mohawk glued on make Mr. T’s face. Dress in a camoflage T shirt and pants, gold mardi-gras beads, and a belt with a hand made A Team belt buckle.

3.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss

 Thing 1 and Thing 2Thing 1 and Thing 2

image: howdoesshe

Got twins? Create easy Dr. Seuss Thing One and Thing Two costumes from red onesies. Use fabric paint to make the white circles and the lettering. Find baby caps and hot glue blue yarn on them to make the blue hair. Too cute!

4.  Sheldon Cooper Homemade Costume

 Baby Sheldon CooperBaby Sheldon Cooper

Image: Costume-works.com

Turn your little one into Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Draw the Flash logo on a white t shirt, paint it yellow, then glued it onto a red onesie. Add brown pants, a long sleeve striped shirt, plaid shoes, and a comb over makes baby Sheldon Cooper! (Daddy could wear this T-shirt and be Sheldon Cooper too.)

5.   Cotton Candy Costume

 Cotton Candy CostumeCotton Candy Costume

Image: costume-works.com

This is an easy and cheap kid’s costume. Start with a white long-sleeved shirt and white tights. Use spray adhesive to attach batting fluff like this all over the shirt. If you can't find batting fluff, just open up an old pillow. It will get fluffier as you add more. Lightly spray the fluff with light pink spray paint. For the cone hat, simply roll a piece of white poster board into a cone shape, glue it shut and add more pink-sprayed batting around the bottom. Print out a label from a site on-line and glue it to the cone.

6. Firefighter DIY Costume

Cutest FirefighterCutest Firefighter
 Image  parenting.com


Kids want to be firefighters just like mom and dad, or their heroes on TV. Start their costume with a black jacket and sweat pants. Put a white turtleneck underneath, and pin on red suspenders made of ribbon. Complete the bunker gear with yellow duct tape or add more realistic  “reflective” stripes on the jacket and pants, and your last name cut from the yellow duct tape on the back of the jacket. Add a plastic firefighter hat (you can get one for around $5 here) and some “smoke” smudges, and you have the world’s most adorable firefighter.

7.   A Side Salad Costume

 Side Salad CostumeSide Salad Costume

 Image: costume-works.com

Send a kid to the school Halloween pageant as a salad. Use felt or construction paper to make lettuce leaves, spinach leaves, tomato slices, etc. Add details with marker, embroider thread, buttons, etc. Attach the salad parts to a sundress or tube-top dress with hot glue. Use plastic salad forks to accessorize.

8.  Skunk Baby

 Skunk BabySkunk Baby


A black hoodie , black sweat pants, white under shirt, and black material for the tail and white fur like this for the strips are all you need to make a skunk baby. Paint their face with a nose and some whiskers for extra skunky effects. (Almost as good as this adorable skunk costume you can buy.)

9.  Laundry Basket DIY Costume

 Laundry Basket CostumeLaundry Basket Costume

Image: randomtuesdays

Cut a hole in the bottom of a round plastic laundry basket. You can usually pick one up for cheap at the thrift store. Attach the basket to suspenders to hold it onto the kid. Add some clothes to the basket, an empty detergent bottle and an empty stain remover bottle.

10.  Cowboy

 Goodwill CowboyGoodwill Cowboy

Image: costume-works.com

Create this cowboy costume or or similar cowboy costume you can buy online like this one without sewing a stitch. Buy a cheap leather jacket from Goodwill. Use the sleeves as the chaps. Cut the back out of the jacket to make the vest. Use the extra material to make fringe for the front of the vest. Add Velcro with the hot glue gun anywhere you need there to be a seam. You can find plastic spurs at the Dollar store or online at Amazon here.

11. The Littlest Chippendale

 The Littlest Chippendale CostumeThe Littlest Chippendale Costume

Image: coolest-homemade-costumes.com
Turn your little boy into a Chippendale’s dancer. Cut the collar and cuffs off an old white dress shirt. Add a black bow tie, black dress pants and some dollar bills.Some folks may look at you cross eyed for dressing your little man as a hot dancer, but folks with a sense of humor will love it.

12.  Little Bum

 Little BumLittle Bum

 Image: costume-works.com

You can make this costume with stuff you have at home. Add an eye-liner bum-beard and the cardboard sign, and your little one can go begging for candy all night long.

13.   Shadows In The Dark Costume

 Shadow KidsShadow Kids

Image: themetapicture 

Black skin suits are available cheap at Wal-Mart or buy it here on Amazon. Or you can make one of your own with a black turtleneck and black pants. Now pose. You are shadows. (Some folks seem concerned with putting kids in black clothes for running around at night. You may want to add a little blinking light to your kids costumes no matter what the costume. This little light from Nite-Ize is for pet collars but I love them for anybody walking around in the dark.)


14.  Garden Gnome Costume

 Garden GnomeGarden Gnome

Image: savvysugar

Dress your young one up as a garden gnome. Get a baby blue long sleeved shirt, dark denim jeans, striped socks, a brown or black leather belt and some art supplies like pom poms, yarn and felt. Roll a piece of red poster board into a cone shape for the hat, and glue the edges together. Stuff the belly of the shirt with pillow batting or old clothes for that gnome-like tummy. Create a beard with felt, yarn or fake fur. Add some rouge circles on the cheeks.


15.   Crayons

 Crayon CostumesCrayon Costumes

Image parents.com 

Start with brightly colored long johns or sweat suits. Cut “Crayon” and the leg and arm stripes out of felt. Spray glue them to the clothes and add a matching party hat for a great crayon costume. Save yourself about $20 compared to the store bought crayon costumes you used for inspiration.

16.  It’s Raining Cats And Dogs!

 It's Raining Cats And Dogs CostumeIt's Raining Cats And Dogs Costume

 Image: parenting.com

Get some sticky felt or silhouette stickers of cats and dogs. Stick them to an umbrella, dress your child in a bright raincoat and galoshes, and they will have a blast!

17.  Dobby


Image: randomtuesdays

A shredded bit of sheet for the smock, combined with a tan colored skull cap hat like this one and felt ears makes Dobby come to life.

18.  Sock Monkey

 Sock Monkey CostumeSock Monkey Costume

Image: countryliving.com

This entire costume is made from work socks, just like a real sock monkey! Build the sock monkey on a base of long johns or overalls, using cut socks for arms, legs etc. (This is just as cute as this adorable sock monkey costume you can buy.)

19  Bag of Jellybeans

 Bag of Jelly Beans CostumeBag of Jelly Beans Costume

 Image: savvysugar.com

Every age of kid loves jellybeans, so send them as a bag of the treats for Halloween. Get a clear trash bag, cut holes for the arms and legs, and print the nutritional facts about jellybeans on the back with a black Sharpie. Fill the bag with colored balloons and tie the trash bag shut at the neck with a ribbon.

20. Movie Popcorn


 Image: babble.com

Cut arm, leg and head holes in a box. Paint the box like a movie popcorn package. Decorate the top and a baseball cap with popped popcorn hot glued on to the surface.

 21. Harry Potter

Harry PotterHarry Potter

 Source: tiaandtamera 

Dress your little one in cargo pants, a long sleeved white shirt and a sweater vest. Add Dollar store Harry Potter glasses like these and a crimson and gold muffler to complete the Harry Potter outfit. Use a brown eyeliner pencil to draw the mark on little Harry's forehead. You can look at this Harry Potter set from Amazon for inspiration on what the scarf should look like.

With these quick and easy Halloween costume ideas, your kids will be ready for trick-or-treating in no time!  If you have an idea for a diy easy kid costume please share your ideas below. 

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