20 DIY Kids' Halloween Costumes That Will Put Yours To Shame. Damn You Pinterest

I love Halloween. And before I had kids, I loved to make my own Halloween costumes. I’d love nothing more than to make costumes for my kids this year. Well, there are a few other things I would love more, but I really do wish I had the time to make something clever, cute, and fun for my three kids. I could not find a section on Pinterest titled, Make Your Kid an Awesome Halloween Costume While One of Your Twin Boys is Scaling the Oven While the Other is Playing in the Toilet Again. I did find some really awesome DIY costumes that people with time can make. But, seriously, who has this amount of time? These costumes will put yours to shame. And mine. Damn you Pinterest.

 1. Whac-A-Me

 Image: Costume-Works.comImage: Costume-Works.com

Whac-A-Me. I kind of want to Whac-A-Myself for not having planned this Halloween thing sooner. I can put a box over my kids' heads. But that's about as far as it will go.

2. Bumblebee Transformer


I'll bet you 20 bucks this kid wore Bumblebee through Christmas.

3. Despicable Me Minion

I can't even be bitter. How freaking cute is this Minion?

4. Pinata


This mom took a lot of time to make their kid into a human pinata. Passive aggressive move or a lack of foward thinking?

5. Max And His Boat

I have a very soft spot for Where The Wild Things Are. And Max and his boat are pretty awesome. 

6. Sock Monkey

I stopped reading the DIY description when I saw I would have to go to the thrift store. No time to pop tags. No time for sock monkey costumes.

7. Lego Family

Stepping on Legos or digging them out of the vacuum is going to be as close as I get to Lego family.

 8. Baby Burrito

I may have time to make this burrito. But I don't have time to clean one more thing off of my kids' faces.

9. The Littlest Link

Link is as put together as a fashion model. That takes planning. 

10. Popcorn Baby

Can I put felt, glue, and scissors in the mirowave and make this costume as easily as the popcorn?

11. Twilight Sparkle And Baby Spike The Dragon

Relax, Mom. We know you like Twilight Sparkle, but do you need to force your likes onto your super cute kid?

12. Cemetary Angel


Cemetary angel? Really? Impressive. But creepy.

13. Paper Doll

In theory, a paper doll should be easy to make. This paper doll would create endless hours of obsessive perfectionism.

14. Mouse Trap

Stop it. Real tools went into making this mouse trap costume.

15. Dumb And Dumber

I recently cut one of my boy's bangs and he accidently looked like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. That's not the same as this.

16. Alice In Wonderland (When She Got Big)

All that work, but will Alice leave that on her neck all night while she heads out for trick or treat?

17. Needle In A Haystack

A for effort. But that needle isn't really proportionate to the haystack.

18. Giggly-Wiggly Octopus

Seemingly so simple, yet I don't believe it to be true. I can barely find two matching socks. My octopus would not be so matchy-match. 

19. Pixar Lamp

This is ridiculous. But I don't feel too bad about this Pixar lamp because Grandma made it.  

20. Toy Army Guy


I am waving the white flag Army guy. You win Pinterest.

I realize that if I hadn’t spent so much time on Pinterest, drooling over the DIY ability of so many parents, I may have actually come up with something by now. I have hopes and aspirations. I also have a sheet and a pair of scissors. Happy Halloween! Boo.


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