2007's Best Easter Celebration - Can Anyone Top It This Year?

To celebrate Easter last year, Thornton's,a British chocolate company, created an 860 pound pure chocolate billboard in London, making it the world's first chocolate billboard.

What will companies come up with this year?

According to YumSugar.com, the billboard was 14.5 ft by 9.5 ft and was made from 10 chocolate bunnies, 72 giant chocolate eggs and 128 chocolate panels.

The billboard didn't last long. Three hours was all it took for the public to consume a billboard that took three months, 10 people and 300 hours to assemble.

What do you think of this chocolate billboard? Know of any other candy advertising techniques similar to this?

Do you think any brands will celebrate Easter, as creatively as Thornton's did last year, this year?

Source: Yum Sugar