2007's Most Creative Christmas Lights?

Instead of the usual tinsel, over-sized Santa Claus and multi-colored strands of Christmas Lights, Regent Street in London this year took a different approach.

Nokia worked with Wieden and Kennedy ad agency to sponsor the Regent Street lights as part of a campaign to advertise the arrival of its flagship London store, which will find its new home on Regent Street in January.

According to Creative Review, these elegant lights were designed by United Visual Artists. The light "clusters” make a pleasant break from the Disney-themed displays that normally grace London’s busiest shopping streets this time of year.

Not only do they look cool and different than the usual, the lights are actually interactive, and react to the movement of people walking beneath them via motion cameras, and changing formation depending upon the amount of pedestrians in the street.

Along with this, they respond to environmental factors such as wind, weather and sunlight. And as if this weren’t enough, the light "clusters" were created using low energy LED cores and are 100% recyclable.

The lights can be viewed on Regent Street until January 6.

Source: Creative Review

What do you think of these nontraditional holiday decorations?