2008 Subaru Outback with A Diesel

Subaru finally decided it was time for a diesel, and what better to toss it into than the Outback or the Legacy? The best part? It's a boxer with a turbo and the first to go into a passenger car.

That's right, both the Legacy Wagon / Sedan and the Outback will have an optional 2.0L DOHC horizontally opposed boxer-four turbodiesel. Total power output is in the 150hp range while torque is right at 258ft/lbs. Both the Outback and the Legacy are slightly more than light, so they won't be winning any acceleration awards. But both will have more than enough cranking ponies to merge with freeway traffic and get an estimated 50mpg.

Not forgetting it's roots, Subaru chose the boxer layout for a number of reasons. Boxers can be smaller and fit into tighter places so overall weight can be drastically reduced. It offers a lower center of gravity for better handling through corners and it decreases vibration felt throughout the cabin.

The move to a diesel not only appeased the US crowd, it also landed Subaru a spotlight in Europe. Sadly, it will remain there for at least 2 years before it makes the journey across the Atlantic.

From : ZER Customs

Jul 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Subaru should bring this over to the U.S. Now!!

I wish some companies like Subaru would take a chance and be ahead of the curve instead of playing catch up. This would've thrown Subaru sales through the roof if they had this diesel ready for the U.S. with gas prices as high as they are. Toyota and Ford, Honda and even GM to a degree have looked far ahead and offered some sort of hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle for years.

Subaru could've increased sales across their entire line of vehicles by announcing they were throwing the diesel boxer engine in every car in their lineup like their 4WD! That would've made newspaper headlines as well. Oh well, yet another missed opportunity by a major auto manufacturer!

Aug 25, 2008
by Anonymous


Subaru not only needs to bring this diesel powertrain to the U.S. the manufacturer needs to offer a diesel Forester. What the heck....bring over the Justy, throw a diesel engine in it to allow us 60+mpg.

Look at how hybrid crazy our society has become. Diesel engines will offer the same, if not greater efficiency with less weight and components (ie. IMA: Integrated motor assist components). Gone are the 80's....Many consumers have no ideal that diesel's are quiet, efficient, zippy and most of all "green" with the new technologies and low sulfur diesel fuel.

Sep 17, 2008
by Anonymous

LOVE it...but where's the cheap diesel?

I am already planning to trade in my current Outback, but i wonder where the first commenter has seen attractive diesel prices? certainly, all other things things being equal a diesel will be the most fuel efficient internal combustion engine, which makes it thrifty with our oil resources, but i'm suspect Subaru is waiting to see how the U.S. price spike in diesel shakes out before they roll these cars in. Right now fueling a diesel is often more expensive than the savings from efficiency, and I have seen diesel sold for well over $1.00 more than gas per gallon. During lean times money is unfortunately more important than resource conservation.