2009 Mustang Offers Glass Roof with SPF50

When it comes to driving and having fun in the sun, convertibles are usually the first thing that comes to mind. The only real downside is the risk of overexposure when you're driving for too long. For 2009, Ford has designed a new Glass Roof option for the Mustang that should clear up that problem.

The roof is made up of several panels of specially made tinted privacy glass. According to Ford, the glass reduces the amount of infrared rays entering the vehicle and cuts the interior cooling time by 50%. The panels are also formulated to protect your interior from discoloration by reducing the total amount of solar transmittance. Ford claims the glass offers a level of protection similar to SPF50 sunscreen.

Each panel has a built in roller blind that offers the driver and passengers more control over the amount of light entering the vehicle. A thin layer of vinyl was also included in the glass to reduce exterior noise and vibrations.

Of key importance is the level of safety provided by the Mustang, despite the glass panels. Ford has out the new design through a battery of tests ranging from water and air scenarios, to vehicle dynamics testing. It should also be noted that the panels themselves are safety glass, meaning that in the case of an impact, the glass will produce no jagged or sharp edges if shattered.

The new roof provides an answer for buyers who want more natural light and a less enclosed feeling. More than 60% of sports car buyers showed an interest in either a moon roof or sun roof when considering a vehicle purchase.

The option will be available for both the base line V-6 model and the GT V-8 coupe. The cost to get the additional sunlight is $1,995 for both models, putting it at exactly half the cost of the convertible option. This, along with the GT-500KR and the Bullitt will join the other Mustang variants for the 2009 model year. Any guesses for 2010?

Source : Ford Global Auto Shows