2009's Funniest Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner for those of us who want our choice of the best, or in this case, funniest adult costumes.  And 2009 does not disappoint when it comes to funny.  I've chosen just 10 funniest from a crowded field -- this year with award categories such as Biggest Perv, Not Just A Pretty Face, Most Elusive, Sexiest Construction Worker, and Grossest, Goriest, Ugliest.



1.  Most Desirable Man Award:  'Good' In The Sack Costume



What more does a woman need to know but that a guy is "Good In The Sack," except maybe that he isn't carrying anything communicable or that he has a job?  Though you can wear a shirt under this suspendered sack, if you've got a six-pack, flaunt it!  The more you bare, the more they'll stare! 


2.  Sexiest Construction Worker Award: The Sexy Stud Finder Costume



Most Halloween costumes for women are sexy or funny, but not both.  So the woman's Sexy Stud Finder stood out among the crowd of fantasy nurses and cocktail waitresses.  The costume includes the hat, vest, cone top, skirt, tool belt with tape measure, screw driver and hammer.  I've not been able to find the shoe covers, but you could always borrow some construction boots if you don't have a pair that can pass for them.


3.  Most Elusive Award: The Mr. Invisible Costume



You'll never be a dead giveaway in the Mr. Invisible costume, unless someone identifies you by your shoe size.   The getup includes the "Coat with attached Dickey and See-Through Collar, Vinyl Headpiece, Top Hat, "Invisible" Hat Holder and Inflatable Shoulder Components." Definitely find a cane and white gloves to finish off the outfit, and a pair of nice black slacks and polished black shoes would be nice too! (No wig necessary.)


4.  Nice Fish You Got There Award: Catch of the Day Costume

See what happens when he goes fishing? When he reels in one like this, you want to be around!  The Catch of the Day costume includes the printed fisherman's vest, hat, cloth fish, and ID tag that says... "Master Baiter."


5.  As Good As It Gets Award:  The Perfect Husband Costume


If you must have a husband, then why not a perfect one.  At least on Halloween he can pretend to be perfect and you can pull his strings!  The Perfect Husband costume features a special, rigged jumpsuit with jacket and harness with self-supporting puppet handles and strings.  Matching shoes would be good!


6.  Not Just A Pretty Face Award: Wild Girl Costume



You can do a lot with this Wild Girl costume for men, depending on your physique and how daring you are.  The Wild Girl costume is just a giant foam set of boobs with a t-shirt over them, so if you guys dare, wear some hot pants, a tight skirt, or be shy like this guy and wear jeans with your Y-fronts showing.  Cool. 

A wig is a must!


7.  Biggest Perv Award: The Tooth Fairy Costume



This Tooth Fairy isn't going to leave you any coins under your pillow and I wouldn't open my mouth inf front of him either.  The model's a big guy, kind of rough looking, but the "look" you get totally depends upon the man's physique and personality.  The Tooth Fairy costume consists of the t-shirt with tooth print, the petticoated skirt, and the tiara.  The rest is up to you; but I do suggest wings and tights


8.  We Make Electricity Award:  The Plug & Socket Couple's Costume



Sparks go off when they click.  The Plug & Socket costume is just made for certain couples.  It's delightfully bad, but preciously romantic too.   The woman's tunic comes with the set as does that huge plug, but the man's clothing, the woman's turtleneck, stockings and shoes do not.  Looks very good with black though.


9.  Grossest, Goriest, Ugliest Award: Midnight Howler Creature Reacher Costume



The Midnight Howler Creature Reacher is about all I'd need to look at to have my lunch come right up on me.  What an exquisite costume though, you really must admit, for those into horror and gore.   The entire top half of the costume, including the latex mask with the rotten teeth and obscene tongue, the dead body and arm hair, the dilapidated tunic, and those reptilian arms and fingers with the witchy fingernails... all that is costume... unless, of course, you happen to share some of these traits.

Instead of jeans and sneakers, I'd like something more convincing. Brown tights would be a good match and adds some sexy to the costume too.  And perhaps some matching theatrical shoes... or the Pirate Boot Tops?


So you have the Babe's faves for 2009.  Start shopping now if you're serious about Halloween.  The best costumes go quickly. Most of the selections from 2008's Funniest Adult Halloween Costumes and 2007's list have been replenished in stores for 2009, so take a look at them too!


Keeping you posted...


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Aug 26, 2009
by Anonymous


I find the "perfect husband" costume particularly funny, but, I wonder, what would be the equivalent costume for the bride? I'm afraid my mind goes straight to the gutter on that one! :D

Oct 15, 2009
by Anonymous


hi my nqme is hugo i am trying to get imformation to get The Plug and socket costume i am very interested on buying it

Oct 31, 2009
by Anonymous


You'd figure inventor's spot would come up with better ideas than this. No up to date costumes. It looks like they just uploaded halloween store pics. Fail.