2009’s Most Fashionable Vending Machines: Shoe Dispensing Hits UK Streets & Nightclubs

After a long night of dancing and partying at the hottest nightclubs, especially if you like to let loose Studio 54 style, there's nothing worse than having to walk home in the high-fashion heels or stilettos that you started the evening with. Fashionable and convenient vending machines popping up all across the UK to give club goers (and those suffering from other emergency shoe dilemmas) the convenience of comfortable shoe dispensing when they need it most.

In the spring of 2008, Japanese sports brand Onitsuka Tiger placed its first automated selling device on one of London's high streets to bring the convenience of sneaker dispensing to the public, without ever having to set foot inside a store. The Onitsuka Tiger shoe vending machines fit 24 pairs of shoes, which retail for the equivalent of $60 to $80 USD. The sneaker vending machines continued their journey around the UK to bring convenient dispensing of their six sizes of trainers to vending machines around the UK.

Rollasoul is a more economic and fashionable alternative to sneaker vending machines. Also available at vending machines around the UK, the 5 GBP slipper-style shoes are dispensed from club locations to save party goers from the torment of their fashionable, yet less than comfortable shoes. Women hitting the nightclub scene can purchase their shoes from the strategically located vending machines and tuck their Rollasoul's into their purse, so when their heels become uncomfortable, they don't need to spend the rest of the night hoofing it barefoot. Rollasoul's come in convenient nylon bags for carrying, and roll up nice and small so they can be easily concealed. The transportable, yet fashionable slippers come in pink, black, silver or gold and look classy enough to go with your outfit by day (to the office, or out to lunch) or by night (when you hit the clubs).

Saving aching feet across the UK, and putting foot masseuses out of business; these shoe vending machines are fashionable and convenient.

Feb 24, 2009
by Anonymous

This Shoe Vending Machine

Ok seriously, who would really buy this crap

Feb 24, 2009
by Fashion Finds
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You'd be surprised at how

You'd be surprised at how popular both of these shoe vending machines hav ebeen in the UK!

Apr 24, 2009
by Anonymous


"Who would really buy this crap?" - do you not realize it is the same as buying shoes in a store, however a machine doesn't have store hours and doesn't require employees?
I think the slipper type shoes are great.

I see how the sneaker one works too - I'm sure lots of people buy them, that equals money - and clever advertising, that also equals money!