2009’s Most Innovative Vending Machine Prototype: The Boobox By Fosfor

Fosfor Designs and Systems marketing agency is taking vending machines to a new level with machines designed to dispense a wide array of free marketing samples for their clients. Now, people who like free stuff can get it anywhere one of these innovative vending machines have been placed. What could be better than that?

As a designer and implementation company that builds vending and Point of Sale prototypes for retailers and businesses around the world, Fosfor helps with the rollout of creative marketing strategies. The Boobox Free Sample Dispenser is the most recent product developed by the Belgium company. The vending machine slots are adjustable so that a variety of product samples can fit into the machine.

Those who like free stuff, and want their own free product samples simply need to send an SMS text message to the number provided on the machine to receive an activation code that provides them with one free sample from the vending machine.

The Boobox by Fosfor is an example of free products on demand, without the wait time required by marketing companies like Matterbox. The Boobox prototypes are set to appear in train stations around Belgium later this year, so get your testing thumbs warmed up to get your free stuff!

May 2, 2009
by Anonymous

Not great for ROI

No accountability for the advertiser though....