2009’s Top Mompreneur Awarded By SavvyMom To Vancouver Island Baby Fair

Times are changing, and today's woman can do anything she puts her mind to. Lately, I've focused on a couple of innovative business ideas developed by busy moms looking to carve themselves a place in the world of business. I couldn't pass up on mentioning that SavvyMom 2009 Mompreneur Award Winner to further empower women in business!

Vancouver Island Baby FairVancouver Island Baby Fair

Vancouver Island Baby Fair, run by mompreneur Shirley Broback was awarded this year's top honor as 2009's best business started by a mom on a mission in Canada! Vancouver Island Baby Fair is an event planning company that deals exclusively in planning for events related to parenting, pregnancy and children. It proves that all it takes is a niche idea in an industry that has a recipe for success, and the motivation of a strong leader who has the drive to be an entrepreneur!