2010 Camaro V6 : First Look

Soon after the news of a new Camaro dropped, talk of possible engine packages was flying. Among these discussions was a decently powered V6 that had remained for the most part unspecified. Earlier this week, some new pictures hit the web and they should answer a few questions.

The introduction of the Camaro for 2010 may seem like a step in the wrong direction for GM. Oil is at an all time high and gasoline is approaching $10 per gallon pretty quickly. But if you have the money to indulge, why not? Especially with the ability to still get half decent fuel mileage while still having 300 ponies under your right foot.

Getting back to the V6, the pictures point to the Direct Injected 3.6L that GM introduced into the Cadillac CTS. The unit makes roughly 255hp in the CTS and with a few minor tweaks, 300hp is a very achievable number. There is also always the option of forced induction in one form or the other.

Personally,from a greener standpoint, I think they should still look at the turbocharged inline-4 from the Solstice GXP. It makes 260ft/lbs of torque in the low range and would be enough to keep many buyers satisfied.

Via : Winding Road , Camaro5.com