The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 1 – A Filterless Air Purifier That Thrives On Negativity

With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought it was high time to start a yearly round-up of possible gadget gifts. First up is an environmentally friendly and snazzily cool option known as the “Filterless Air Purifier”.


The big deal here is that the purifier – a tall, silver and blue affair – does not need any filters to perform its cleaning job. Hence the term “filterless”.


Instead of messy filters and potential cloggings, the Filterless Air Purifier emits a stream of electrons that attach to all the particles of crap in the air you don’t want floating around and converts them to negatively charged ions. These ions are then attracted to the filter’s positively charged tube, much as a mosquito is to one of those large and buzzing lamps.


But instead of a soul-sawing hum, the filterless purifier emits only 5 decibels of sound, which is less than the noise level of typical human breathing, and doesn’t produce any harmful chemicals like ozone or our own carbon dioxide expulsion.


The filter will plug into any AC socket and stands 26” tall, but has only a 7.5” diameter. This means it can easily slide into the corner of a room to do its job – and it does it well, cleaning a 540 square foot room in just five hours, even down to the 10 nanometer level. Check out the video here.


When it comes to cleaning time, the inner tube can simply be removed and washed, then replaced for yet more hours of negatively-charged dirt attraction. At just over $300, the purifier isn’t a cheap holiday gift, but can you really put a price on the cleanliness of your home?


Hey – stop being so negative. You’re attracting dust.


Buy it at: Hammacher Schlemmer – they ship just about everywhere!

Nov 4, 2010
by Doug Bonderud

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Thank you, Danny - it's always nice to have reviews of other products available for consideration.

For clarification of the above comment, it's assumed he meant - "as well", "chocolate fire guard too", "positive dust", "clump together" and "has no way".