The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 3 - AirCurve Play Lets You Powerlessly Pump Up The Volume

Known for their high-quality electronic and acoustic items, Griffin brings a simple way to get more sound out your iPhone – the AirCurve Play acoustic amplifier.


Let’s face it – iPhones don’t exactly have speakers that can be listed as “great”. Even at maximum volume, they’re not able to output a significant amount of sound, and that sound itself isn’t exactly crystal clear.


There are iPhone stereos on the market, many of which can produce robust and plentiful sound, but they also trend toward the expensive end of the spectrum.


For those interested in their sound and looking for a budget-conscious but still-stylish gift choice this season, the Griffin AirCurve Play might be just the gadget for the Apple-phile in your life.


There are currently two versions on the market, with the second iteration being marketed for the iPhone 4, but the only significant difference in the two is how the phone sits. In the original AirCurve, the phone is docked as if it were charging, but in the new model it sits recessed into the AirCurve itself.

Your music, amplified: but it won't power you.Your music, amplified: but it won't power you.


Make no mistake – the AirCurve uses no power and supplies none to your device. It is made entirely of molded plastic and rubber, and uses what Griffin calls an “acoustic wave guide” to amplify the sound coming from your iPhone. According to the company Web site, the AirCurve can enhance the volume of your iPhone by 10 decibels without the need for cables, wires or batteries.


Both models are priced at $20 US, though if you’re interested in the older version, you can get it at Amazon right now for around $15.


As with most Griffin technology, the device looks great and manages to show off the curves of its inner amplifier to maximum effect. The later version can also be used as an iPhone holder for video and audio conferencing, and is stable enough to hold your phone in both landscape and portrait mode.


Stylish and affordable Christmas gadgetry? Sounds 10 decibels worth of great. Buy the amplifier here.


Source: Griffin

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