The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 4 – Dalek Keychains, Now With 100% Less Extermination

Ah, Daleks. If you know Dr. Who, you know what we’re talking about. Even if you don’t, the Dalek LED keychain is still something worth putting your keys on.


It’s not a terribly expensive gadget – coming in at $14.99 at Amazon – but let’s be honest, it looks cool. Or odd, depending on how you want to see it.


Daleks, in the world of Doctor Who, are perhaps the greatest enemy the good Doctor has ever faced. Cyborgs from the planet Skaro, they were created by the scientist Davros to be the ultimate solution in a thousand-year war.


They are in fact mutated beings housed in a robotic casing, and are often described as having had every emotion removed from them except hate. Known to chant “ex-ter-min-ate” at any opportunity, they were a hit with fans when they first made the screen in 1968.


Hardly a cute or cuddly commodity in large size, the Dalek in key-chain form manages to be not only fun-looking, but includes a super-bright LED that allows users to both find whatever they’re looking for, and also call out their own version of the “ex-ter-min-ate” theme.

The Dalek Keychain: in all of its lighting glory.The Dalek Keychain: in all of its lighting glory. 

While the keychain itself doesn’t sing out the classic Dr. Who line, it does manage to capture that “geek chic” look that Who fans are so fond of. Being both inexpensive and cool helps make this Dalek a great stocking stuffer and one far less likely  to destroy your family on Christmas morning than a full-sized version.


Who would like this gift? Maybe not the good Doctor, since he’s probably seen enough to last a life time and probably has a phone booth keychain already, but just about everyone else who’s ever been a Who fan.



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