The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 5 – The Universal Video Converter

Video conversion is a great idea, but so few of us actually take the time to get it done after the tapes have been recorded or the DVDs burned. Fortunately, the Universal Video Converter from Vupoint is here to help.


VHS, DVD, DVD-R and even Beta – we’ve all got some old video lying around that we think “oh yeah I should really get to that. This season, for sure.” Sadly, “this season” never comes, and your precious memories often end up sitting on a shelf gathering dust when you could instead be enjoying your past by laughing at just why you chose to do your hair like that, or wear those crazy acid-wash jeans.


With the Universal Video Converter, you can finally get those old videos out of the mothballs and into a format that you might actually use. Coming in at just under $50 at Amazon, this Vupoint product features support for a wide range of video types as well as multiple jacks for AV in and out.


In addition, the Universal Video Converter is also able to record television programming and convert any stored video on the device to MPEG-4 format at 30fps and 640x480 resolution.


With a 32gb SD or SDHC card slots, the Converter can record between 24 and 48 hours of video, giving you the chance to collect the bulk of your precious memories in one shot. The computer connection is compatible with Windows Vista and 7, along with the current Mac O/S.

Universal Video Converter: many, many options.Universal Video Converter: many, many options.


It’s a simple little device, coming in at only 6 inches by 4 inches and just 1 inch thick, and it weighs just over 9 ounces. Sure, you could spend your money on a new video camera or DVD player this Christmas, or you could make sure you actually have the means to capture and store those memories you hold so dear. Check out the Vupoint here.



Source: Vupoint


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Dec 2, 2010
by Anonymous

Add this to HD TV, 3D TV sets or seperate package

Must for Film Archieves
Movie studioes
Movie buffs
TV & Movie buffs.
celebs (theyre files).
Networks CBS CNN ABC etc.
Local Video stores Indie.

& next model should burn more VHS to DVD for 100 hours.
Start a business doing this big time.
All mail order:
Send in VHS, Burn into X DVD & send DVD to client.