The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 6 – The Joystick Gets Classy

At a certain point, other adults and significant romantic partners tend to ask gamers to throw out or sell their old gaming equipment owing to the fact that it is “ugly”. In some cases, they’re correct, but not when it comes to the Singibigi Joystick, a retro take on the gaming controller.


Gamers need love too, and especially at Christmas. Often, they will be deliberately given gifts such as socks or underwear in order to prevent more solitary nights in the basement or days wiled away in front of a screen, killing zombies and saving the world. When asked, parents, friends and lovers will say that they are merely looking out for the health and happiness of their gamer, and might also remark that the current equipment their child, buddy or spouse is using is antiquated, unattractive and that they “need to grow up”.


Fortunately, gamers, the Joytron Singibigi Joystick has your back.


Instead of a lightweight plastic composite controller, the Singibigi features a sweet faux-wood finish, a large red joystick and 12 arcade-style buttons, four in red and eight in black that can be mapped to any number of functions.


The entire setup gives a far more “quality” feel than typical controllers, and currently retails for $39 through It comes with a USB cable that lets it function with PCs, PS3s and PS2s and manages to combine a modicum of attractiveness in a very useful package.


Sure, you’re going to want a Street Fighter or Tekken-like game ready and waiting for the unboxing of this device, and it’s not like the box is actually real wood – for $39 a nice faux look is about the best you’re going to be able to so – but the Singibigi (very odd name aside) is a nice change of pace for even a hardened gamer.


So fear not, buyers of presents for those who love screen more than sun and controller more than conversation, a non-ugly alternative has arrived. We cannot guarantee the credibility or awesomeness of the site currently selling the Singibigi Joystick, but if you’re strapped for ideas outside the box for your gamer this year, consider the Singibigi as an awesome alternative to the usual.


Source: SuperUfo