The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 7 - Record Your World With The Archos Jukebox

The jukebox has come a long way since the Happy Days of Fonzie smacking it around to make it work, and Jukeboxes in restaurants have all but disappeared. Fortunately, if you're looking to record some music this holiday, capture the spirit of the season or show your relatives what they really sound like when they're fighting, the Arhcos 20GB USB Jukebox might just be for you.

Available at Amazon, the Archos Jukebox features the ability to record up to 300 hours of sound using the included USB 2.0 port (USB 1.1 compatible) and convert it into MP3 data. The Archos can record from a stereo, CD player, portable radio or even a microphone using the device's line-in jack without having to hook the device up to a computer.

In addition, the Archos comes with a video and photo camera, allowing videos to be saved in MP4 format and then easily transferred to a computer, and while the devices acts as a portable hard drive, the built-in color LCD screen also lets you view any photos or video that have been transferred or taken with the device.

The Archos mandate seems to be to maximize the amount of things the device can do without limiting the functionality of any of them, and judging by the reviews (most in the 4 or 5 star range), it succeeds remarkably well. Bear in mind that the device is heavier and bulkier than an iPod or iPad, however, and is not as ergonomically designed. If you're seeking form, there are other, sleeker choices on the market, but for function, the Archos can't be beat.

Interested? Buy it at Amazon.

Source: Archos 

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