2010's Best Solar Powered Gifts For The Gadget Crazy

Every year innovative people come up with new solar powered gadgets that solar powered gadget fan dying to try. If you have a solar powered gadget geek/fan on your gift-giving list take a look at the list of solar powered gadgets below. You will find you may want a gadget or two of these yourself.


1. Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard



Take a look at Logitech's K750, solar-powered wireless keyboard. Sunlight or indoor lighting can charge it. It can stay charged for about three months in total darkness. It's construction is PVC-free and it comes in a fully recyclable box. It is also only 1/3 -inch thick.



via http://www.onthesource.comvia http://www.onthesource.com

Need am inexpensive solar powered stocking stuffer. This is a very basic solar powered charger on a key chain. Cellphone, digital camera, MP3/MP4 player, PDA, Bluetooth headset can all be connected to the key chain and charge wherever you are. It's convenient to use and easy to find because it's on your set of keys. You can't drive without your keys.


3. Solar Powered Camcorder/Camera


I always have to recharge my camera and camcorder. I don't always have an outlet available. It's a hassle. This is why I would find this gift very useful. It is a solar powered HDV-T900 Digital Video Camcorder and Camera. It's featured include: 8X digital zoom, 3.0' display screen, White LED light function, built in flash memory and two solar panels.


4. Solar Powered Desk Pet Rock

via http://www.ohgizmo.com/2010/09/13/solar-powered-pet-rockvia http://www.ohgizmo.com/2010/09/13/solar-powered-pet-rock


This is a solar powered stocking stuffer the kids (or the lonely person) will enjoy. It's a Pet Rock with a solar panel. Remember the days of the pet rock. Now they are solar powered. So, it's the same odd fun, but with less battery waste. Take a look at the video below and watch it in action.



5. Solar Powered Touch Keyboard Notebook

via www.digitimes.com/newsvia www.digitimes.com/news


A company called AU Optronics has recently announced their new 14-inch solar-powered solar powered touch keyboard notebook. It has a solar panel built into the keyboard as well as one on the lid. "The solar module is built within the notebook's cover and keyboard panel to absorb both sunlight and electric light, and lowered the use of electric power by 20%."

Isn't it amazing how far solar power has come in just a few years? What sort of solar powered gadgets will there be in a few more years? Everything above combined? What do you think?

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