2010 Trash To Treasure Competition Winners Are…

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Last year, I wrote about the 2009 Design Squad Trash To Treasure Competition winner Max Wallack and his Home Dome design for homeless people. This year the Design Squad has announced the 2010 winners. The winners are Lilly, MaryAnn and Daniel. The best part is that Continuum is going to build their designs.

If you haven't heard of the Design Squad it is a kids program on PBS consisting of college aged engineers who work as a team to take on engineering challenges for real clients. There are 13 episodes per season. The top two contestants compete in the last episode for the grand prize, a $10,000 college scholarship from the Intel® Foundation". This year the show is on its 3rd season.

What did the 2010 Trash To Treasure winners design? Lilly designed a Sibling Soaker, which is a bit like a dunking booth for the backyard, but without the dunk and made out of recycled material. It's a great idea for backyard birthday parties or just wet summer fun.

MaryAnn's invented a smarter toilet which collects rain water and allows people to choose how much water they need to flush the toilet. There is a one-gallon milk jug inside the toilet tank to help displace the water level saving a lot of water per flush. There is also a washing sink at the top of the toilet for hand washing. The dirty water is used to flush the toilet.

Daniel built and eco-friendly bike that allows him to ride his bike to and from school in all types weather including rain. It also allows him to store his heavy schoolbooks in the bike storage basket instead of on his back. It is an eco-friendly bike that is overall better for his health.

The winners of the competition earn a 3-day/2-night trip for 2 to Boston, MA, where the winner will build a prototype of her/his innovation. This visit will be videotaped for possible use in Season IV and/or on Web. The 22 runners up are featured on the Website too and receive a Design Squad t-shirt.

Take a look at what the winners prototypes look like on this video.



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Nov 3, 2010
by Amanda Hinski
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I love the idea of a toilet that lets you choose how much water you need to flush.  Afterall, not all flushes have the same requirements when you think abou it!  Only a kid would think of that... or maybe a man.  Very cool!