2013 James Dyson Award Update: America Vs. The World!

The judges of the 2013 James Dyson Award have selected the best inventions from each of the 18 nations participating in the competition, and although I’m pulling for team USA, they’ve got some serious competition for the grand prize!


This year’s top entry from the United States is “myWater,” an easy to read LCD screen that monitors and clearly displays how much water your home is using via colorful graphs. The myWater system was inspired as a means to continuously remind people of the amount of water that they use, and to inspire them to conserve not just for their monthly water bill, but for the environment at large. I am a very visual person myself and I leave plenty of notes out to remind me to take care of different things throughout the week, so I see plenty of potential in the myWater information relaying system.


Is myWater, the top American invention and friendly reminder to mind your water usage, going to win the £30,000 grand prize? Will “Drop Pod,” the highest rated Canadian entry and emergency human waste collection tool, or “Cortex” the innovative honeycomb-like plaster cast alternative and greatest innovation from New Zealand take home the top honors? We’ll find out soon enough, as next big reveal of the James Dyson Award will be on October 10th, where the judges will post a list of their top 20 inventions out of the 650+ submitted. In the meantime, good luck, myWater Crew!


Source: James Dyson Award