2015 Honda Civic Type R Concept: Ready For The Road, Inspired By The Track

The good news is, the next generation of Honda's high-powered Civic Type R should look, sound and drive a lot like the wickedly stylish concept car shown at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The bad news is, the production 2015 Type R won't be sold in North America.

The main reason we won't be seeing the new Civic Type R is that it's based on the global Honda Civic platform, which isn't used for New World Civics. Instead, Honda fans in Europe, Asia and elsewhere can look forward to the wildest Type R yet.

Styled after the factory-sponsored Honda Civic race car that competes in the World Touring Car Championship, the upcoming sweet street Civic is jaw-dropping in every which way but loose.

The refined boy-racer visuals aren't all for show, either, as multiple rounds of track testing at Germany's N├╝rburgring heavily influenced elements such as the enlarged upper and lower front grilles, engine-cooling vents on the hood, and the parameters of the wild rear spoiler.

Additionally, the use of beefy 20-inch tires necessitated widening the front and rear fenders. Honda's engineers and designers collaborated closely to ensure the function and form work to mutual best advantage. Check out this short video from the Type R concept's designer to see for yourself.

Beneath this beautiful beast's bonnet beats the heart of the new Civic Type R: a newly designed, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine fed by direct fuel injection. Thanks to Honda's proven VTEC variable valve timing, the production Civic Type R's powerplant should provide upwards of 280 horsepower... the 20-inch rubber was a wise choice.

In keeping with its race-based focus, the front-wheel-drive Civic Type R is set to offer only a six-speed manual transmission. Shiftless pretenders may be out of luck unless Honda relents and offers an automatic gearbox. As the scheduled release date isn't until early 2015, there's still time for minor changes to be implemented.

What WON'T change is the market: as mentioned, North Americans need not apply. As appealing as the 2015 Honda Civic Type R appears to be, Honda can't justify stocking a full suite of dedicated parts to support the vehicle's limited annual sales. Keep an eye out for the next-gen Civic CR-Z, however, as it may boast some of the Type R's more outstanding features. (via Motor Authority)