2015 Honda N-Box Slash Explores Inner Space With California Diner Style

Is it bigger than a bread box? Honda's new 11x5-ft N-Box Slash micro-minivan is indeed larger notwithstanding its familiar shape. Go for the wild California Diner Style décor option, however, and your square-rigged street cruiser will be anything but white-bread.

The 2015 N-Box Slash (or “N/” for short) competes in Japan's furiously competitive Kei Car niche where, ostensibly for tax reasons, vehicles are limited to the aforementioned dimensions with engines displacing no larger than 660cc – about the same as a medium-sized motorcycle. 

Being shaped like a fresh-baked loaf of bread helps the N-Box Slash push the limits of the Kei Car envelope. A bonus is the maximization of interior space, something Honda's designers take to the next level by engineering the front seats to fold flat like those of the infamous Nash “rolling bedrooms” of the Fabulous Fifties.

Honda recognizes it's not the only Kei Car competitor making near-cubic cars and vans these days, so give them credit for offering customers some unusual décor options to make their vehicles stand out from the crowd.

The four treatments are Bright Rod Style, Hawaii Glide Style, Tennessee Session Style, and California Diner Style. We've chosen to feature the latter because, well, it simply demands attention.

From the outside, the only hint of dynamic diner decoration are the bright red twin side mirrors and roof contrasting with the appliance-white body. Inside, however, it's a riot of red, white & black with checkered trim on the seats, dash and door panels. Wow!

We're not sure who could sleep inside the California Diner Style N-Box Slash but Honda at least ensures you can lay down – better bring an eye mask, you'll need one. Bring as much as 1,939,400 yen (about $) while you're at it – that'll buy a two-tone, 4WD, turbo-engined model and, California styling or not, they're only sold in Japan.