2015 HSV GTS Supercharged V8 Maloo: Holden's Final Ute Will Also Be It's Fastest

The 2015 HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) GTS Maloo is (or will soon be) living proof that going out with a bang is a good thing. Only 150 of the flashy supercharged utes will be made, giving a fitting send off to both the coming end of Holden's Australian automaking operations and the demise of the iconic ute in general.

Holden, a subsidiary of General Motors, was founded in 1856 as a saddlery based in Adelaide and from 1908 officially established itself as a manufacturer of car and motorcycle parts. By 1919 the company was manufacturing auto body shells and in 1931 it was bought out by General Motors.

A significant milestone in Holden history was reached in 1951 when the  50-2106 coupé utility, or “ute” was launched to great popular acclaim. The 2015 HSV GTS Maloo will be Holden's penultimate ute, as on December 10th of 2013, General Motors announced its Holden subsidiary will cease all Australian engine and vehicle manufacturing operations by the end of 2017.

That's the going out part; now here's the bang: HSV, Holden's Special Vehicles performance car division, is giving the much-loved homegrown a rousing send-off by by installing the HSV GTS sedan's supercharged V8 engine. The result will be “the fastest and most powerful car Australia has ever produced,” according to CarsGuide.

Maloo means “thunder” in the language of Australia's aboriginal people and the naming is no accident. The LSA supercharged V8 designated to power the limited edition Maloo ute was was originally designed for a racing version of the Chevrolet Camaro. The engine displaces 6.2 litres and is rated at 430kW (560 horsepower) and can sprint from 0 to 100km/h (0-60mph) in an estimated 4.5 seconds. Pricing will be in the A$85,000 range (just over US$79,000) and as for availability... sorry mate, all 150 were sold within 24 hours of its announcement!