2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Flaunts Swarovski Crystal Headlights

Austrian crystal manufacturer Swarovski AG is helping put the “S” back in Mercedes-Benz' 2015 S-class coupe. A unique optional luxury package enhances each of the sleek coupe's full-LED headlights with 47 Swarovski cut-glass elements.

Swarovski technicians worked closely with MB's engineering group to design the crystal elements which are unlike any Swarovski crystals you've ever seen. Each full-LED, high-performance headlight features 30 specially cut crystals that make up the turn signal indicators; a further 17 crystals form the daytime running lights.

According to Mercedes-Benz, when in use the crystal elements appear to glow and waver in a manner resembling flickering flames. While the effect doesn't noticeably improve the intensity of the headlights themselves, onlookers who observe an approaching S-class coupe will perceive a “look of luxury” - as well they should, considering the new S-class coupe is to be priced from $156,850 to $289,580. Don't even ask how much it costs to replace a busted headlight. (via Impress Watch)