2015 Skoda Fabia Lets Owners Personalize Their Dashboards

Czech automaker Skoda has introduced the world's first customizable dashboard. Initially available only on the new-for-2015 Skoda Fabia hatchback (below) and Estate, the app (as in applique) is a self-adhesive removable foil panel displaying images selected from Skoda's website or uploaded by owners themselves for the ultimate in personalization.

Now keep in mind, the business areas of the Fabia's dash are static and you're stuck with the factory-designed layout of gauges, controls and vents whether you like it or not. The fun part happens way over on the right (or the opposite, if your Skoda is right hand drive), typically a decorative dead zone devoid of instrumentation.

Here's how it works: new Fabia owners go online and visit MyShop Skoda, the dedicated page at the Skoda website. Once there, they first select a Piano Black or White background for the plastic dash panel, then opt for one of two abstract images – one predominantly green, the other mainly orange.

Not thrilled with Skoda's limited options? Odds are, most buyers will instead choose to upload an image of their own – that's really the whole point of personalization, amiright? The images are trimmed to fit the roughly rectangular panel above the glove box. The only provisos are that the chosen image must be under 10 MB in file size and measure at least 1732 pixels wide by 816 pixels high.

If you pre-arranged for the dealer to install your custom dashboard image it'll be in place when you pick up your new Fabia. Buyers also have the option of having two custom images shipped to their address where they're free to do the installation themselves.

Since the panels are both removable and replaceable, Fabia owners can switch 'em out as often as they want. That means should someone, sometime in the future buy a used Fabia with a custom dash panel, they won't be stuck with the previous owner's custom image – a crucial point, especially if the previous owner was, say, a Brony. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Though Skoda is currently offering the “pimp your dash” program only in the Czech Republic (the automaker's home base) and Germany, word is other European countries will be added shortly. As far as cost is concerned, you're looking at 480 CZK ($22 / €17 / £14) per pair of panels. (via World Car Fans and CarScoops)