2015's Strangely Gorgeous Hair Trend: Colorfully Dyed Roots

Everyone who dyes their hair knows that awkward stage where their roots show up and reveal their natural hair color.  At this point, most people will either touch up their roots or dye their locks an entirely different color.

One of the newest hair trends of 2015 has women flipping the script and coloring their roots vibrant colors while leaving the rest of their hair a more natural color, creating an unexpected two-toned effect in what has been called "colored partings” and “color contrast roots”.

Source: pyxie.com

This fun new hair trend was spotted at Maxime Simoens’ Paris Fashion Week show in 2014, and also February this year at London's Fashion Week.

Source: brit.co

The brilliant hues seen in Paris were the creation of Bumble and Bumble hair artists who used water-based body paint to create a temporary statement on models for the runway but now women are taking this look up permanently by dying their roots beautiful and unexpected hues.

My favorite color pairings are stunning blue roots with blonde hair, gorgeous bright red roots, and black roots with gray hair.  The great thing about this beautiful, edgy look is that there are so many possibilities.

Source: pyxie.com

Source: Buzzfeed

Source: Buzzfeed

The fun thing about this look is that it started out temporary and you can keep it temporary by using temporary color like this Fun Sexy Hair Color Spray.  Another option is to use chalk like Benair Non Toxic Hair Chalks , they also have liquid chalk such as this L'Oreal Liquid Hair Chalk if you feel like a bit of spunk for a date or event.  If you choose to go permanent, you will of course have to stress touch up a bit more or else you’ll end up with three colors, but hey, maybe you’ll start a new trend.  A great brand for vibrantly colored roots, if you choose to do so at home, is Manic Panic Hair Cream, a semi-permanent color.

What do you think?  Would you rock this look?


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