2016 Ram Laramie Limited Keeps On Truckin' With Bold New Badging

The Ram full-size pickup truck from FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) is coming off its best annual sales in a decade so you might have noticed more of these boldly styled trucks on the road. Just in case you haven't, the upcoming 2016 Ram Laramie Limited boasts badging that's simply impossible to ignore.

The Ram Trucks brand was split off from Dodge back in 2010 and since then, subtle efforts have been made to strengthen the Ram identity. Now it seems subtlety has been tossed out the window – instead it would appear FCA wants to “ram” the brand into our consciousness.

Take the 2016 Ram Laramie Limited. As befits its top-of-the-line “Limited” status, buyers will find themselves surrounded by black leather, real wood trim, silver pinstriping and special badging. The latter extends to the exterior... in a BIG way.

Don't let the extensive chromed trim and polished accents on the 20” wheels blind you, though it would take a mighty sunny day to glare out the 2016 Ram Laramie Limited's variety of large RAM badges.

There's at least one visible from any direction but the biggest, baddest, brightest badge bolsters the tailgate – seriously, it's massive enough to act as a structural member and macho enough to negate the need for Truck Nutz.

But who are we to judge; branding is important whether you're a rancher or a trucker – even more if you're both. If you feel boldness is an option worth flaunting, then the 2016 Ram Laramie Limited should top your WANT list.

Available in 1500, 2500 and 3500 single-wheel and dualie formats, they're scheduled to reach dealer showrooms in the second quarter of 2015. (via The Truth About Cars)