For $20 You Can Have Your Own Donut Factory!

Donuts are their own food group.  They are practically everyone's favorite naughty food. Donuts wouldn't be that naughty though, if you could make them at home, skipping the deep-frying, using whole wheat flour instead of bleached white, maybe reducing the amount of sugar you put in the glaze... 

Well, for $20, our favorite geeks are selling a Mini Donut Factory that easily makes your perfect donut in six minutes with no mess!


Mini Donut FactoryMini Donut Factory


The Factory is a waffle-style cooker with two non-stick surfaces; you pour the donut batter into the donut pockets, close the cover, and bingo(!), 4-6 minutes later, you've got 6 mini-donuts you can roll in sugar, glaze with chocolate, vanilla or my fave - maple glaze.  


Mini Donut FactoryMini Donut Factory


Mini Donut FactoryMini Donut Factory


You wouldn't think that geeks would appreciate a donut maker, but our buds over at ThinkGeek, lovers of anything that goes with caffeine, are crazy about the Mini Donut Factory.  (Caffeine and sugar highs - wheee!)

ThinkGeek's Mini Donut Factory comes with a recipe book, but you can create your own recipes or use commercial donut mixes to make the best donuts ever.  This look so easy... ThinkGeek made a Mini Donut Factory video so you can see how easy it is!




If you can stop drooling long enough, visit ThinkGeek for more info! (See Donut Factory) (Update: Thinkgeek no longer carries this item. You can find the exact same Donut Factory here at Amazon.



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