24 Karat Gold Pencils Make Great Gifts, Prove Your Precious Mettle

Pencils are the Rodney Dangerfield of writing instruments: they don't get much respect. Low tech, cheap, and subject to frequent sharpening sessions, pencils are the pens' grubby, uncouth little brother. Well, not ALL pencils...

Take these designer pencils from Daisung Kim of Korea - not literally, but as an expression of conspicuous consumption writ large. Each of these otherwise standard graphite core wooden pencils has been delicately covered in 99 percent pure, 24 karat gold. It says so right on every pencil: "24K PENCIL", just in case you were confusing them with some cheap cheesy dollar store pencils.

These aren't intended to be used like normal, dime-a-dozen pencils... they'd be worn down to a stub soon enough and who would trash the shavings? Saving the shavings is problematic as well, not to mention being a tongue twister.

Nope, Kim's 24 karat pencils are strictly for gift-giving, like those fancy Cross or Parker fountain pens housed in gold, platinum or other precious metals.

You don't want to leave one of those on your desk for that annoying co-worker to permanently "borrow" do you? Imagine walking by and seeing the dude with one of your 24 karat pencils stuck behind his ear or worse: being nibbled on!