25 Degrees Celsius: The Cookbook Store Where You Can Try Before You Buy!

How many times have you found yourself standing in a big-box bookstore mulling over the selection of cookbooks, drooling over the recipes but wondering just how realistic they are to carry out in your own kitchen? If you're like many men and women with culinary interest, you've probably got a cookbook collection and only use a select number of them from which you have a few specific recipes. A new business helps you shop in such a way that you make practical cookbook purchases.

25 Degrees Celsius Bookstore25 Degrees Celsius Bookstore

25* Celsius is a retail store, and its complete inventory is a selection of cookbooks from all around the world. They offer just about everything imaginable, and while the variety might be overwhelming, they make sure that whatever a customer chooses to take home is something that they'll use again. They assure that by offering a test kitchen onsite that buyers can use to try out the recipes and make sure they can realistically work with their new purchase so it doesn't just become another decoration on a bookshelf or their kitchen counter.

To top it off, they also feature a cafe with a rotating menu of meals that come straight out of the cookbooks they sell to inspire shoppers to buy if they like what they dined on!

Via: Springwise