The 25 Worst Web Sites by PC World

So I thought today I would take an ironic turn and present the 25 Worst Web Sites as decided by PC World. I know my daily blog is dedicated to all things cool on the net, but I also believe it's important to provide those sites that are so bad they make my sites look even better!




The compiled list of the worst websites is simultaneously predictable and not. After going through the list and seeing sites like and (who miraculously thought "web currency" would catch on) I wasn't surprised such bad ideas tanked. But, seeing such a conglomerate site like was a bit of a surprise. And, I implore everyone to read the article just to see what the #1 worst website is. At first it will make you say "Wow!" Then a big "Duh!" will likely follow.

The worst sites include sites like:




11. RabiesforKids


23. Inmatesfor


Read the article here .


Seth Plattner
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Jun 26, 2007
by Carlos Mal Pacheco (not verified)


Indeed, Myspace is the most annoying site all over the Internet. And everyone is there. Is like the United States. Everyone should move to Canada, but NO, everybody is staying.

Jul 2, 2007
by Abel (not verified)

So who says my 'idea' tanked? I am the owner of and knew nothing about web driven databases or scripting prior to creating my website. So after self teaching myself using free internet resources I have generated an income of $150-$250 extra a month for the last 4-5 years. Seems like my idea panned out from my side of things.

Thanks for recognizing my site though. Laterz.