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2 Red Hens Bibby Mats Catch Inevitable Baby Feeding Messes


As a parent, it’s exciting when you first get to feed your baby solid foods. After all, it’s a major milestone and you’ve helped your little one get there. Then reality sets in and the reality is that you have pureed sweet potatoes on the floor, mashed peas on the chair and applesauce up baby’s nose. Well, you can’t do much about baby’s nose other than wipe it, but with a 2 Red Hens Bibby Mat you may be able to save yourself the rest of the mess.

These disposable bib/placemats bridge the gap between baby and table. Adhesive strips on the back of the mat keep in fastened to the table and also around baby. To add to its mess busting abilities the front of the bib is absorbent, while the back is waterproof.
The bibbies are sold in packs of 12 and come in your choice of red or blue gingham with a cute plate and fork/spoon print. I think that this is an awesome idea and would be great to have in the diaper bag for when you're over at someone else's house for dinner or out at a restaurant and are extra worried about protecting the floors.To check out 2 Red Hens Bibby Mats further or pick up a pack click here.  

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Kim Patterson
Innovative Health, Beauty and Kid's Products